Jodi Arias appeals to have her conviction overturned

Arias, serving a life sentence after being convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend, alleges "prosecutorial misconduct" and a "circus-like atmosphere," among other things, in her appeal.
4:47 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for Jodi Arias appeals to have her conviction overturned
Which, we promise it will. Bowit a new twistn that caseaptivating llions. Jodi Arias who was convicted O murdering her ex-boynd I 2013 isow appealing that ruling. Her attorneysim among other things the judge allowed a circus-like atmosphere prevented a fair trial. Ab Paula Faris is here with re. Good morning,paula. Good morning, ev. Her attorneys also blamingv personalities androal miduct. Arias, one of the most notorious convicted killer, 3 years old fiveears into serving a lif enceh no parole her consta CING story gripped the. Arias spews lie after lie trying to convince the media E's innocent. Tearsoday were when she got corn. Reporte Jodi Arias acting hef from a violent ex-boyfriend or W she simply ld-blooded killer? Kind of felt like a prostitute sort of. 'Am, crying when you were shooting M? I don't remember. Thmple answer is he attacked me and I defendedmyself. Reporter: Almost 7 million people tuning O hea the ict live O cable news. Guilty. Reporter: While a M circus erupted outside court. Aury deciding she inntionally murdered her exfrravis Alexander senten her to L inson no role. Is morning, threers into serving that life en Arias is appealing to have the conviction overturned aing among other things prosecutorial miscon a the court's failure to control news coverageeated a circus-likephere which depder to theig to a fair trialndeg that cen TV personalities like Nancy grace G a reality TV flavor. Gr reacto that cusation on her Sirius XM podc "Crime stories" on fr. How can get away from the fact that her own aon and her camera convi her, me, or anybody else. Orter: And jus days after her convon, aiant Arias speaking tbc news. So you really are never goi T the truth about what went down in that baom. I don't know what you mean by that bec I've told the truth. Okay. I didn' K you were a hater when you came interview . Now we out to travi Alexander's family.they are not en thjust trying toon this appeal 342 pages long and has bee months in the ma. Anzona judge rejected that request. Thank you,paula. Thank you very much,ul bring in Dan Abrams T help us with this.we've seen somef the grounds which she's G to appeal. Whatre her chances of winning R ? Not verygood.first of all, an appeal like this you not really supposed relitigate the factsnd this appear she is going through again why sot guilty and why was self-defense. That was alreadyresolved the purpose ofn appeal were today T were legal errors M by the court or things happened in the processhate legal not the facts. So she's sayinheed attention and rcus-like mosphere. E heard that argument man times, that I and of itself will N be a winning appeal. One oth thing, she wasuf in crt that T jurors saw her cuffed. That happens with defnt all the timeprobably thetrongest art if you can call it THA is the claim of prosecutorial MI. Her lawyers filed a B complaint against the proto in the case. That was thrown out. No it's breinstated. But a bar complaint is a very separate question do we win an Al based ohe actions ofhe prosecutor There have been a lot leons that have been thrown B forth. Haou ever seen aing liketh This is crazy. N attorney disbarre because he wrote a tell all book abherit her permission. Prosecutor in the case now benvestigatey the state bar association based O complaints made byher. This claim that S Shobe able to file her appeal in secret becauseposedly there could be a danger to the pub if her Al is made public know, her appeal is now made public. There is no dangeo anyone in the public. This is a bananas ca Your explanation item for ban The final piece here is that now prosecutors until beginning ofext year to red to the legal filing the defense I now filed their page brief. Ecs have until early next year to respond. She doesn't have much of a once. All right. Thuo much,dan. I appreciate . Thank you, Dan. Coming up,s French

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Arias, serving a life sentence after being convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend, alleges \"prosecutorial misconduct\" and a \"circus-like atmosphere,\" among other things, in her appeal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56452894","title":"Jodi Arias appeals to have her conviction overturned","url":"/GMA/News/video/jodi-arias-appeals-conviction-overturned-56452894"}