Mysterious blackout leaves New Yorkers in the dark

Electric company Con Edison is investigating why a part of Manhattan plunged into darkness, leaving more than 70,000 customers without power.
2:24 | 07/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mysterious blackout leaves New Yorkers in the dark
George, to you to that mysterious blackout that left tens of thousands of new yorkers in the dark. Power knocked out for more than 70,000 customers. Hundreds of people were stuck in elevators, others were stranded on the subway and there are still problems this morning. ABC's erielle reshef is outside in times square with the latest on the investigation into what happened. Good morning, erielle. Reporter: Good morning to you, Amy. There's still an urgent hunt for answers this morning after more than 30 blocks of the city were paralyzed Saturday night. Some iconic landmarks including some billboards in times square going dark, a main bus terminal still without air-conditioning this morning. We have a major playout. Reporter: This morning con Edison investigating why a large swath of Manhattan plugged into darkness. More than 72,000 customers without power on a steamy Saturday evening. We have to make sure it doesn't happen again and the system is designed in such a way that it doesn't happen again. Reporter: Some neon billboards in times square pitch black. On iconic Broadway, lights out but that didn't stop the musical cast of "Rockf ages" from taking the show outside. It goes on & on and on Reporter: Stoplights at busy intersections off leaving pedestrians to step in and direct traffic. Emergency responders racing to roughly 400 elevator rescues. There's people trapped in elevators in both towers. Reporter: Underground nearly 3,000 passengers stuck or left waiting for trains. And a Jennifer Lopez concert at Madison square garden. Cut off. They're asking everybody to evacuate. Reporter: During those eerie five hours New York City mayor bill de Blasio trying to reassure new yorkers. Let's get all the facts and assess what to do. Reporter: Returning home the next day facing questions about his response. You have to be in charge wherever you are. I'm in regular touch with my folks confirming it's being handled properly. Reporter: The streets of new York erupting into cheers as the city that never sleeps woke up from the massive blackout. And authorities have ruled out a cyberattack or any criminality here but con Edison says it could take weeks to figure out exactly what caused that massive outage. They say they will brief the public as soon as they know more. Okay, erielle, thank you very much. We move to that amusement

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Electric company Con Edison is investigating why a part of Manhattan plunged into darkness, leaving more than 70,000 customers without power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64336133","title":"Mysterious blackout leaves New Yorkers in the dark","url":"/GMA/News/video/mysterious-blackout-leaves-yorkers-dark-64336133"}