NASCAR driver, crew member share support for Bubba Wallace

Brad Keslowski and Brehanna Daniels speak out on “GMA” about the noose found in Wallace’s garage stall and how NASCAR is showing support for Wallace.
3:57 | 06/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASCAR driver, crew member share support for Bubba Wallace
Thank you so much. Joining us now is brehanna Daniel, the first black woman to work on a NASCAR pit crew and NASCAR driver Brad keselowski. Yesterday on the track, that was a very powerful moment for all of us who have watched it. What inspired it and how did it feel to be a part of that? Well, Michael, it's good to be on so thanks for having me, first of all but I think at the core group of people that really make up the sport, the drivers, the team members, the officials, the team owners, there's this belief that the 40 best race car drivers on the planet should be there regardless of their race, nationality, gender, religion, you name it. And in our hearts that's what we want to believe because you know, Michael, as a professional athlete we got pretty big egos and we want to believe we're competing against the best so there is no room for this kind of behavior or for anything that makes our sport not to be the most inclusive as it can be because we want to face the best, we want to beat the best, I know I want to beat the best and when you see things like this happening it puts a level of doubt in our own minds and hearts that that's what's going on so we stand up for a guy like bubba Wallace or anyone else in our sport who might be fighting issues of this type because there's no room for that and we want to be in a spot where we're competing with the 40 best fastest, most talented race car drivers every week and we don't need to be excluding them in any way. Brad, you know, behind the scenes how did drivers react to the banning of the flag? I think behind the scenes there was a lot of different thoughts on it. You know, I think most everyone agreed that it's not something that we support. I think there is some sympathies to, you know, fans out there that don't view it the same way as most Americans do. I grew up in Michigan and I only viewed that flag one way and I view our country as being united under one flag and that's the flag of the United States of America. Having lived in the south there are other people who don't view it that way. Do I agree with that, no. I don't. But I do understand and try to see other people's point of view. But with respect to that, it goes back to my initial point. This sport is supposed to be a sport that's inclusive and brings people in from all different countries, places, you name it, and we don't have any room for anything that doesn't represent that. And, Brad, what was your reaction when you learned about the noose that was found in bubba Wallace's garage stall? Well, I woke up yesterday morning and found out that a noose was found Saturday night or, yeah, Sunday night, I should say and it was a shocker to me. I was sitting with my wife. We had just woke up. We were making breakfast with my little daughter and, you know, it brings up the conversation of, you know, especially really hits home when you have kids. How do you explain this to someone? How do you explain that type of hatred especially when you have kids these are things that go through your mind and we couldn't. You know, we couldn't explain that to her. I can't explain it to myself. How anyone could have that level of hatred based on someone's race to threaten someone in a manner like that. It's just inexcusable and unacceptable. And we know that no one knows who put the noose there. The FBI has joined the investigation into that but we know that there is limited access to that area, but so what is it like to know it could be someone within the NASCAR family who did that. Well, I want to believe it's not. I want to believe that, you know, someone rogue was able to sneak in and get past security, but the reality is that would be pretty tough if I'm being honest with you. I don't want to speck slate on who did it but whoever it is needs to be caught and taken care of. We appreciate your time this morning. Thank you for your words and have to say we have technical difficulties so lost brehanna Daniels but, Brad, thank you so

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Brad Keslowski and Brehanna Daniels speak out on “GMA” about the noose found in Wallace’s garage stall and how NASCAR is showing support for Wallace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71399970","title":"NASCAR driver, crew member share support for Bubba Wallace","url":"/GMA/News/video/nascar-driver-crew-member-share-support-bubba-wallace-71399970"}