Religious leaders reflect back on 2018

Bishop Michael Curry, Pastor Heidi Neumark and Cardinal Timothy Dolan reflect back on the whirlwind past year on "GMA."
3:57 | 12/25/18

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Transcript for Religious leaders reflect back on 2018
As we know Christmas is a time for being with family and friends but for reflection. Here to share their redirections bishop curry, pastor Newmark and Timothy cardinal Dolan, archbishop of New York. What are you preaching this Christmas? You gave me a good entree in your remarks when you spoke about a time for family and friends and the fact of the matter is with Christmas, it's very -- it's dramatically evident we're all part of a larger family, god's family. We need that charge. I think my colleagues will say one of the challenges that we have today is a sense of isolation and loneliness, people feel by themselves and alienated and left out. Not on Christmas. We're all part of god's family. Making that place. Yes, because there are many people in our city being priced out of the inn. Many of those come to the church I serve and try to provide a welcome space. We like to call our church basement, the manger and as we remember our blessings and gifts try to share that love and joy with those suffering. Well, you know, in John 3:16 it says god so loved the world he gave his only son. Christmas at its deep root is about a love so compelling that it will set all of us free to live life, that god so loved the world that he gave. He didn't take. He gave. And Christmas is about giving and it's about giving unselfishless and if we do that not just on Christmas day but throughout the year we're going to have a different society and different world. And this past year you had the chance to be part of two public ceremonies that had at the heart at different ways the idea of service as well. President bush's funeral. At that funeral one of the refrains was that this was a man regardless of your political position, this was somebody who took selfless sacrificial service seriously. That is a biblical definition of love. God gave of himself selflessly and we sue some of that in president bush and that's the nature of the love that Christmas is about. There is a Christmas hymn I don't think we Americans know as well, it's better known in Britain, based on a poem by Christina Rossetti that says love came down at Christmas. That's what Christmas -- Love came down and Jesus the ultimate servant. You got it, George. Well said. You want to give my homily. I couldn't handle that. Also I was looking at your personal story and talked about welcoming everyone and your father a refugee from Germany. And we all know there's a global crisis of refugees right now. Yes. Yeah, there is a global crisis of refugees. My own father was a refugee from Nazi Germany from hate and violence there and where my grandfather was murdered, so I wouldn't be here if he was not welcomed when he came here as a refugee. And we see in the Christmas story where Jesus and his family had to flee the hate of hard and escape to Egypt. When we see refugees at our border we see Jesus and his family there among them because he said when you welcome -- when you welcome a stranger you welcome me. What is your hope for T year. Thehe new year we would realize that G is with us, Emanuel, that beautiful -- which we borrow from our jewish brothers and sisters, that act of faith that god is with us. God know what is we're going through. That's the in-car nation, that's Christmas. If everybody realizes this, I ink we're better off. Important to remember that on this day. Thank you all very much. Merrristmas.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Bishop Michael Curry, Pastor Heidi Neumark and Cardinal Timothy Dolan reflect back on the whirlwind past year on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60008308","title":"Religious leaders reflect back on 2018","url":"/GMA/News/video/religious-leaders-reflect-back-2018-60008308"}