Scientology-owned cruise ship remains docked, quarantined

Hundreds of passengers remain aboard the ship as it sits docked in Curacao.
1:11 | 05/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Scientology-owned cruise ship remains docked, quarantined
Yeah, that cruise ship with hundreds of passengers and staff on board still quarantined a week later. Take a look at this because the scientology owned ship arrived in curacao. A case of measles confirmed on board. Health officials boarding the ship checking proof of measles vaccination for the more than 300 people on that ship. They now say they don't think the measles have spread past the one case but until they're sure no one will leave that ship. Measles, of course, incredibly contagious. That virus lingering in the air for up to two hours after an infectious person has come through and, Michael, it can be very dangerous, needless to say, especially for young babies and, of course, those people with compromised immune systemed, Michael. And, gio, more cases have been reported in the U.S. Too. Reporter: Yeah, health officials, Michael, in southern California are taking a look at a new set of cases including one person who apparently passed through the Los Angeles airport and a local farmer's market while infectious. That outbreak already record-setting, more than 700 cases in 22 states and the CDC is expected to announce new numbers later today, Michael. All right, thank you so much, gio. Now we have a special honor

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{"duration":"1:11","description":"Hundreds of passengers remain aboard the ship as it sits docked in Curacao.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62846580","title":"Scientology-owned cruise ship remains docked, quarantined","url":"/GMA/News/video/scientology-owned-cruise-ship-remains-docked-quarantined-62846580"}