Survivor reveals terrifying moments from duck boat accident

Nine people from one family were among the 17 killed when a duck boat capsized during a storm in Missouri.
3:13 | 07/21/18

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Transcript for Survivor reveals terrifying moments from duck boat accident
An emotional vigil was held for 17 people lled when a tourist duck boat capsized du a severe understorm ri. Flowers were thrown into the war E victims, many of them chin, one just year old lost their lives, and ABC's ctdo is in bns where a suor who losnine ers of her family is talking abouwhned when S W tossed into the water. Victor, good morning. Eporter: Gd morning, Paula. That survivos riding T duck boat with her family, 11 relatives in nine othem diewhen that boats. She was critically injured but is now desibing what it was like out here on this lake from her hoital bed. I said, lord, just leme die, let, I said I can't -- can't keep drowning, I just can't keep drowning. That's howelt and th I justet Tia Coleman survived the duck boat tgedy in bran miouri, but nine members of her family includier er-in-law Ed. She was there with her 13-year-old, her soon-to-be 3-year-old. I was there with my husband an our thee child who were 9, 7 and 1. My in-laws were there, my mothn-law and father-in-law and the uncle who lives with them. Eporter: Her 13r-old nephew her only relative to survive. Oh, my gosh. Oh, Oh, no. I couldt see anybody. I codn't hear anything. I couldn't hear screams. Felt like I was out there on my ow Reporter: Describing the Horr mhen the duck boat red the lak Everybody starting getting like, hey this, is a little too much and the got real choppy and big swells of water starting coming into the boat. The boaveloped byat The last thing I heard my sister-iw yell wasrab the . Reporter: Thrown io the lake struggling to reach rescuers. I said, J, please kp me. Just keep so I can get to my children an keep mlo and I waswimming afas I could and I couldn't reach -- I could not reach the jets. Am over to TD I Walding on B my legs and arms were so heavy froyithey were so H Reporter: Coleman saying there ls on board. They showed us whthey were. They said, but don't worry about need it. Reporter:ndives could have been saved if they had them. N that boais found a thoslife jackets are going to be on there. You weren't supposedab them unless you were in distress, we definitely life changing LI altering ent. Part he investiti ll focus on those life jackets. There's one eang de here. Leman says they nearly avoided all of this. Ey originay went to the wrong duckt UT enup switchi over to this ride that timately sank. Jessica. Thank you, Victor. As a mom, I am just -- it's Ving. You can't even wrap your mind around tt sort of .sher husband lo all three of herhildren, H in-laws, her sister-in-law. Yeah. Itmazing Shead stngth to K so forcefully after what she's gone through. I'm sure there is an enormous amount -- an inulable amot

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Nine people from one family were among the 17 killed when a duck boat capsized during a storm in Missouri.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56730485","title":"Survivor reveals terrifying moments from duck boat accident","url":"/GMA/News/video/survivor-reveals-terrifying-moments-duck-boat-accident-56730485"}