Tim Cook opens up about what's next for Apple, live on 'GMA'

The CEO sits down for an exclusive interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts on all the latest updates consumers can expect.
8:54 | 09/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Cook opens up about what's next for Apple, live on 'GMA'
E got this airespeso,78 d8,cut. To our "Gma" exclusive.e O cook he the mpany just ancing iPhone and watch last just lastmont T first U.S. Company vamd at $1ll Thank Yo thanyou. They wteto cheer. Thank you. There'spplause si. That came from the heart,tim. Let's talk N because,e heard recently, we have known about trade rs with China. Pecially wn comes to riffs. Apple pr will be exempt. Why? The iones assembled in China. Bue parts come from united stat. The glass C the are chips come from U.S. The Vern and devopment is all done in the unid states. And, so, iak R em but think they looked at this anhat is- not really great forhe united States to putariff on those pe of products. There's no guaraee tt action at some T. An P are concerned about thatnd how that could pact consers. Yeah, well, I'm timistic. I'm optimistic. Trade ne of those this where, iot a zero S game. You and I can trade thing and we C both win. And so I'm optimistic that countries willort ts out. An life W goon. We're all about th we all need that. Ultitely, the consume pay the biggest price. $1lion. But, Tim -- what kind of sponsibili comes alonith that when you're of that value? The firs tril-dollar copy in the country. To me, cou the be created in america we're a deeply American company. Weeel aremendous responsibility to help our country. We do that in terms of CING jobs. We created 2 million ica. Want create even more. Thank we're investg $350 billion the nexive years. And, we're -- youknow,re arting facilities in a number of differentac 're part of that contrion. Wanto D more. We're out worng witheen some of this.ama. We'rerying to encourage all udents to learn to because for tho students who don'o D computer scnce, it'sreat too what is possible.we're eouraging PC and private schools to really GE Ng in. I know. I've sn you that I Alabama, too. Thank you. All right. Goa ask about the cost. Cause -- one model start at alst 10. Eou afrai that it's -- a being priced ou well, we want to make for everyone. That's alwayeen our objective. Wee sever iPhones in the line. Ey go toerially lower. But if you look at thisphon it's the mos advanced iph Wever done.it has anunbelievle dla we'll talk about in a nt. An H the smartest and most powerful chin a smarne. E people pay for thes as itou isy do deal with carrier. Ey payo much F Mo $1,000. Most peo about 0 a month fo it. It's about1 day. If you L at T pne has replaced your digital cram. You don't have sepatene anymore. It's reed vid replaced music player. It's replied the different devices. Your video player. And, , arguably, the product really important. And we ft peopl want, then -- wan hav the most innovativectle Y know, with that, it's cheapo do that. You said you't nessily want to be the bigg you nt be best. We want to be T that's our objective.I know otheople want sell the most. Avever beenbo selling the most. Always be about selng the best.omething T I normal have on. On the R. E apple watch. Yeah. There have been advances with especially when dealing withe thelectrocarogram reading it can do. Theatch I the most rful Thi you can have on Yo wrist. We got notes from customers over ey found they H heart problem. The watch WOU notify T that their heart was elevated despite not beinur exercising taxed. D --ought medical treatment. The doctor tem hef you would not have sought help, U would not be here. More can we do for heart heal. D, with the series F lat is ar, we will be th firover-the-counter ekg Rightnour applause you do -- all you do is put your finger right on the crown and hold I for 30 seconds. And iterforms an ekg. And you canendt trigt Y doctor. MM. Yeah. Yeah. Whh is unbelievable. Unbelievle thosof us,nd I'm one of ese, thatavad heart issue. Yogo thedoctor they give you a monitor the wear. Wh Y experiencing with your heartsn't hn you're wearing the monitor. E monitor expires. You go oh, M god, and it happens again is thing I always on your wrist. It's an credible power to have it empowers the individual to health. Have faldetection. How does that work? You're climbing up Ader theitchen to get ssh we have a done this. If you're by yourself and you fall this can be a devastating th now, the watch will detect a fall automatically. D ifou don't respond within one Nute, it will call auto lip. It will call? It Wil CL 91 ye. C sit he and we have so many questions com in. I want to make sure weal about the cameraasct. I wt to do that as we're walking. We'll have this feature that E going to like the -- heard about the emi. No it's going be the ji tell us first about thecamera. The best camera weave ever had before. Make porait O someone, you can change the background depth after you take photo. After? A you take the photo. It's the mostiblething. It really -- um, makes a portrait look professional photogpher.u used to have schede things to make photos ur kids a forth. Now in the palm of your hand you Canak a portrait that used to cost T ofusands of dollars with special pment. Peaking of a portrait. All see this? Look. Tell M Abo the memo This I themeji because the chip in the phone is so powerful. It's look at 50ifferent muscles. And it's performingxan a re-time basiwhat R is doing right now. Unbeliev. Know.he. Sohere -- Oh, no, I have on me? Wait a minute? Itreormoment. Not that you're scary. But you are soroud of what you alve able tdo. I am. I am. I'm so proud of we fdeopleant to make great po recohe mom of their lifethat are so rtant. We want everybody to do do B able to do that. Thank you, Tim.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"The CEO sits down for an exclusive interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts on all the latest updates consumers can expect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57901720","title":"Tim Cook opens up about what's next for Apple, live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/News/video/tim-cook-opens-apple-live-gma-57901720"}