Trump blasts anonymous NYT op-ed writer at rally

The president portrayed the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times as the act of a traitor while speaking to supporters in Montana.
3:44 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for Trump blasts anonymous NYT op-ed writer at rally
We move Ono preside trump on the warpath at caai R targeting the anonymous office W wrote "The New York timing a cabal of senior ficials secretly trying re trump in calling the prest mor impull siivend reckless. President trump is dng Jon trackingt good morning. Reporter: Good morning, the president essay not simply an a of defi, sees it as an act of tr a rally overnight Ina, the psi portrayed the anonymoup-ed in "The New York is the published in th failing "New York Times" B an anonymous, really anonymous, gutless coward. Is itsion? Is it treason?'s a horrie thing. Reptes the white house tries to root out the AUT of the explosi op-ed aegedly written by one of his own top officials, the president cled on "" to nam theauthor. But for the sake O our national secuty "The New York Times" should public H ne at their reportehould go a investigate who it is. At would actually be a good scoop. Repter: The anous official claims to be one of many within the trump administration prect the country from the president. Writing in "The new yorkes," believe our first duty is to this country and T coinues oct I a manner that I detrimento the health of our republic is isn't the the so-called deepstate, it' the work ofteady e.the essay prompted an extrinary game of "Not it with one after another denying they were the author fro James Mattis to jefsessionso the Seary of STA. To execute the commander'sent you have a singur opti, is to leave. Reporter: Even T vice president the need to say it him. Anyone who would wri an anou editorial smearing th president who's provided exaoary leadership of this county should N be working for this administon. Ey ought to dhe honorable thing to resign. Reporter: The first lady speaking issuing statement accusing the writer of, quote, sabotaging the country. To hunt D the crit wit who wrote that anonymous-ed, the pdent remains out O the campaign ail, George. He will be campaign today South Dakota and in north dako overnight new developments in the Mueller investigation. Rudy giulireally seeing to be towingown the gauntlet say now president won't anys,veritten questions about obstruction O justice Reporter: Yeah, extraordiry atements B the president's lawyer. He says- H says no quesen or in person he also says the president will not agree to do any follow-up on of course, no questions whatsoever ter of a live interview. Almost seems is trying to provoke special count to iue a subpoena, that T negotiations are actually minngnd they expect some on th the special counsel. Mueller's tel incourt F the of that former trump campaig aid George papadopoulos.his she fir member first pn who has cooperated with the speco the secing is today. He could face six months in prison. We be followinit all. Thanksermuch. Robin. Now to the showdow ove

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The president portrayed the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times as the act of a traitor while speaking to supporters in Montana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57666651","title":"Trump blasts anonymous NYT op-ed writer at rally","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-blasts-anonymous-nyt-op-ed-writer-rally-57666651"}