Trump heads to UK after blasting NATO members

Trump criticized Germany for its $12 billion gas pipeline deal with Russia and demanded NATO members increase their defense spending.
4:32 | 07/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump heads to UK after blasting NATO members
Even more perilous than we thought. President trump emerging from an ecyeeting in nato declare story claiming he has convinced allies to contribute more to defense. That comes afterontational talks ahead of the president's meetings theueen inengland, president Putin on Monday. Terry Moran is tracking it all om Brussels. Good morning, Y. Reporter:ooing, George. I think it's fair to nato has never seen anything like rump. From the moment heived here he went on the attack like a ll in a China shopuing such dire and drast thrts that itlunged summit into this emergency meeting today and raiseduestions among some allies whether he was preparing to pull the U.S. Out of T alliance altogether but others thought it might jus be a tianegotiating tactic. Allt othe art of the deal. This morning, president trump declaring victory over America allies claiming he has successful forced Germany and other Na members to pay subsially more of the costs of the alliance. Yesterday I L them know that I wasre unhappy with was happening. And theve substantially uppeircommment. Strong nato. Much stronger that was two days ago. Rorr: Earlierresident trump arriving at the natommitate and alone. Rmined to fundamentally change america rionship with our closest Al. Hammering out angryweets overnight targeting Germany other nato allies on T fense spending. Ents have been trying unessfully F years toet Germany and other richato nations to pay more toward protection from Russia. They pay only a fraction of their cost. U.S. Pays tens of billions of dollars, too much to subsidize Europe and los on trade. The esident's demands iggering an eency nato me reports T trump threatened to pull the u.s.ut of the alliance it founded almost 70 years ago. His ultimatum, nato membersust increase their defense sin repeating that reque overnight eeting all nato nations must et their 2% of gdp commitment and that must ultimat to 4%. T now the U.S only spends 3.5% on defense andas massive military cents around the globe far from Europe. Omhe men he arrived the president hasn on the attack. Spen much of yesteay going after Germany forecent $12 billion gas pipel with Russia. And twtiovernight, pipeline dollars to Russia are not acceptable. But pdentas all smiles whee with French president Emmanuel macron. Merci beaucoup. T soundedbeautifu I have no idea. It sounded great. I have to say il exactly the same. Eporter: Makin small talk atlass photo. First ladyelania T there even chattingith German chancellor angmerkel over wine. So W all is said and done presidenump says he has strengthenhe natolliance and for all of his fire a fury with all of the leadersnc chancellor me. He that's what it was ke behind closed doors. He downplayed T idea he threatened teave natof the allies didn't come forwardh new commitments and still don't know exactly from those what they committed to. Epr: He wants them to pay more F their defense but since he became a candidate he ha questioned the veryee for nato. He called it obsol on the campaign trail. Hangs over this alliance like a dark shadow so as he comes at tm the aren't 100% sure if request for them to spend M is real a pretense for change America's relationshithe allnce altogether. The prent also said the nato allies thanked him for meet with president Putin and a preview said he wouldng up Russian meddling in our electionanhe annion ofmea but seemed to sme to president Obama. Repr: done this before. He says tt theexation of crimea and frankly the war in eastern Ukraine W represents the first European borders have been changed byce since World War II, that'sdent Obama's problem. I wouldn't have allow it to happen suggesting THA it's going to be an issue high on his agenda. It is an issue high europeanagenda. They've seen this before and would it to stop. Now the president headingo great Britain. Terry Mo thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Trump criticized Germany for its $12 billion gas pipeline deal with Russia and demanded NATO members increase their defense spending.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56532850","title":"Trump heads to UK after blasting NATO members ","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-heads-uk-blasting-nato-members-56532850"}