US sees 40,000 new COVID-19 cases in 1 day

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has put reopening of the state on hold and is taking steps to free up hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.
3:58 | 06/26/20

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Transcript for US sees 40,000 new COVID-19 cases in 1 day
We are closing out a week that has seen more new covid cases in America than any week since the pandemic began. And Americans are becoming more worried. Our new ABC news poll with ipsos finds more than three in four Americans are concerned about contracting the virus, the highest levels in a month and for the first time in nearly two months the white house task force will brief the nation this afternoon. New cases hitting a record for the second straight day, more than 39,000 new infections and take a look at this map. All 15 of those states have now hit daily records within just the past week. Texas is one of those states and Marcus Moore starts us off in Dallas where the governor put the re-opening of the state on hold and taking steps to free up hospital beds for an influx of covid patients. Good morning, Marcus. Michael, good morning. There has been a strong push here in Texas to re-open the state fully and things seemed to be headed in that direction but now with the increase in cases, officials here have pulled back on elective surgeries in several counties across the state. Doctors are sounding the alarm this morning as California, Florida and Texas, America's three most populated states, hit new record highs in daily covid cases and hospitalizations. Now the white house task force back in action preparing to brief the country this afternoon for the first time in nearly two months. As the U.S. Marks a record high for reported cases since the pandemic began, more than 39,000 new cases in a single day. The CDC issuing this grave warning about the number of infections. Our best estimate right now is that for every case that was reported, there actually were ten other infections. Reporter: As icu wards fill to capacity. According to an update obtained by ABC news in alabamaome hospitals now transferring patients from facility to facility as they run out of icu beds and a dire situation unfolding in Houston. The country's fourth largest We are definitely feeling the surge in Houston. More hospitalizations, more the icu patients, so it's real, it's out there. It's not just numbers reflected in testing. More people are getting sick. Reporter: At Texas medical center they're moving into surge planning as icu beds fill rapidly. Doctors say by early next week at this one facility, there could be 60 icu patients here with that number rising to 80 by the end of the week. Now as the number of covid hospitalizations in Texas reach record highs for 13 of the last 14 days, governor Greg Abbott hitting pause on the state's re-opening. Across the country cases rising in 29 states including Florida where new cases topped 5,000 two days in a row. We were at a worse situation than at the beginning of the pandemic. Our rates of infection and new cases, the types of people who are getting infected are all increasing. Reporter: Governor Ron Desantis under fire for not making masks mandatory across the state. In Arizona, the governor halting the re-opening process as well with more doctors and nurses being called in as hospitalizations increase. Bridget Harrigan is a traveling nurse. She spent a month treating patients in hard hit queens, new York. Now she's on the front line in It's a very difficult time in the hospital right now. Obviously for patients they're talking to me and talking about their fears and they're really terrified. So it helps to have people here to comfort them. Reporter: The CDC also says this morning there could be a three to four-week lag between new cases, hospitalizations and deaths, and that leaves them to a sobering forecast. The CDC says that according to their modeling if states cannot stop the spread, the death toll could reach 150,000 by July 18th. Cecilia. Sobering, indeed. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has put reopening of the state on hold and is taking steps to free up hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71470015","title":"US sees 40,000 new COVID-19 cases in 1 day","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-sees-40000-covid-19-cases-day-71470015"}