Woman makes it onto plane without ID, boarding pass

TSA officials said they screened the unnamed passenger at Orlando International Airport but did not provide further details.
2:26 | 10/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman makes it onto plane without ID, boarding pass
Now to the investigation that's under way into a possible security breach at Orlando international airport. Authorities say a woman made it onto a plane, get this, without an I.D. Or a boarding pass. How did this happen? David Kerley has all the good morning, David. Reporter: We are getting some answers this morning, robin, about how these two security breaches happened. How did this woman get past a TSA security checkpoint like this and onto a plane without a real boarding pass? Now, I know the protocol of flight attendants. Reporter: This is the woman caught on tape sneaking onto a delta flight without a ticket apparently. I have 15a. I have 15a. Reporter: The chaos starting in Orlando when Jenni Clemons finds the woman in her seat and the woman refuses to move. She said I'm not moving and she never broke her gaze from the back of the seat in front of her even when all the authorities were speaking to her. Reporter: When asked for her boarding pass and identification, authorities say the woman couldn't provide either. I just threw it out as soon as I got on the plane. Well, I'm showing the picture Ma'am, that's not -- This is just as good. Reporter: The woman eventually escorted off the aircraft. The jet headed to the runway but was then brought back to the terminal with TSA emptying the jet and rescreening passengers and their bags. TSA says it did screen the suspect woman but released nothing further about a boarding pass or I.D. TSA does say it's conducting a review of the incident. What's scariest about this is that the person whose seat this woman was sitting in, if that person hasn't called attention to it and sat in another seat this woman would have got on that airplane, taken off and flown to the destination. How in 2019 can you have that big of a messup in a security standpoint? Reporter: So we got answers a little while ago. Apparently the woman was able to sneak past the security officer who was checking I.D.S before you go into screening. She was screened and then she did the same thing at the gate. Able to sneak past the gate agent and get on to that aircraft without a boarding pass. It's unclear at this point, guys, whether or not she's going to be charged with a crime. Yeah, my gosh. How she was -- okay, well, thank you, David, for giving us answers to those questions.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"TSA officials said they screened the unnamed passenger at Orlando International Airport but did not provide further details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66107295","title":"Woman makes it onto plane without ID, boarding pass","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-makes-plane-id-boarding-pass-66107295"}