David Bromstad's home design ideas that won't bust your budget

The star of HGTV's "Design At Your Door" joins Sara to tackle some of your design questions.
5:54 | 06/09/20

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Transcript for David Bromstad's home design ideas that won't bust your budget
Eighty everybody at the pandemic has understandably. Aren't a lot of people and ready. And that's why aren't a neck yet joining me. Now you know him as host eat eat eat eat. My lottery dream. Is it hiding and designer. At one of the leading voices in this field for over a decade he articles about interior design project anyone can try. And on it home. And he's just on that you give a warm welcome to eat at grounds at. Journeys showed design or door is helping to collect DIY I'm right into the hands of GE EU words tell. It's on a slight and numbers prior to the in the recent. Win and how. New program is not happening. Or any so she is like you know. We're gonna make you program and we're going to our regular HTTP you're next. Possibly be like around the time and a Galena area. Are going to be there designers. In my work like. Amazing you know like this is most will. Why hadn't that we are at war and now we're do it seem like it's. And it's always. It's so much I. What is your number one rule personal monarch's first home design. My number rule is absolutely. Land plan. Land more you don't think you land animal and again. That even that even what the simplest projects make certain. Everything. The lists. Your putts and he can you be early when it comes down every single design are every single and it really. A much needed where he Alley in your. Eyes or hello or whatever you're an accident every. Lead and the more you do this more citizen it will. What is budget friendly is boring project. And lung and you'd LB are well. Well I can eat you really want it. Might trigger one is you're seeing our land. To the your thoughts and you know while you're young and concrete I. Rob from you are running their diner and replace it to the one reader. Hello. For me about your living. That is the easiest and you are orchid tree here on things under its so easy that many things new machines. Bernard Davis than you. Or your. Second one as you. Are Mason. In Utah at new York law in an answer and securities and any. Some questions from our assets Kate viewers. We're big fans in year and the first one is front and net new ground she said. OLL Antoinette. Sleep all around in the east. And are doing and a mask that way. In. This. Grants and fabrics and textures that auriemma. It. Doesn't lead you boards. Doing. Like. Mom I loved. Or look at. Super texture and nice color. And act. Does that end it like. Internet we thought you come in a mile away. Race or textiles and grant. Are the collar. And now another one and what to color combos you like that in which crumble like. Theater companies and right now we're at the numbers it is. Lots and win an amber win. And cream and yeah when it. Were. Easier. And theater are. Actually. Indeed color harmony and but it. Agree and it's just rejected. At least we are. Hotly Eli. Oh. And it's it's obvious. It sounds. A you conflicting. It makes it right or. Love or not org hand. Rainy large. Wonder. Warrants. And oh so. Now are. Ours. I wonder. Oh. EBay we learned so much healing and so little I mean this is a me. The you honestly if you so much for joining want to tell eberling you can catch David on HDTVs. Design at your door premiering June 11. And don't they said we all use a -- she. Really use. We you're a good time so. It looks a bat right.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"The star of HGTV's \"Design At Your Door\" joins Sara to tackle some of your design questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71156786","title":"David Bromstad's home design ideas that won't bust your budget","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/david-bromstads-home-design-ideas-bust-budget-71156786"}