Hayley Hasselhoff's shapewear solutions for every woman

Our SSK style contributor shows Sara and Keke three different looks.
5:49 | 01/13/20

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Transcript for Hayley Hasselhoff's shapewear solutions for every woman
Recently we had a chance to sit down with our friend Hayley hasselhoff to discuss the best shapewear for your body. Take a look. It does wonders for your figure. I feel like the woman in the sideshow. Elegant. I can't breathe. That was Judy Garland in "Meet me in St. Louis." A film that makes women everywhere cringe. We've can come a long way from corsets, but the shapewear struggle is still very real. But here to reveal the solutions is ssk's style contributor, Hayley hasselhoff. Let's take shapewear, I wear shapewear every single day. I do, too. Everything is tucked in. You know, shapewear is about smoothing, not slimming. It's about making yourself confident before you get dressed. My number one tip for any shape or size is always about having the right foundation. Shapewear is the foundation key for having the right outfit. So we've got three models here today that have braved it all. For them to come out here in their shapewear, to show off their bodies in a comfortable way is sensational. They look amazing. They look amazing. They look they're ready to walk the streets. Heels are taking it the next no, but thank you guys. We want to get started. First up. We got Jeannie. You can already she radiates being confident and being sexy. The holidays are coming up. She loves mini dresses. Something that she can wear under mini dress. And still feel great. She's wearing the open-bust slip dress. You have the option to wear your own bra. Right now, she'll get more coverage. But if she had a neckline that was a bit deep. She would wear a plunge bra. There's an amazing panel here that controls her tummy. This also has a beautiful -- This slip dress also has a beautiful smart grip. The thing is, while she nces the night away it's not going to up or down or all around. And then, you know, let's show her the beautiful back. You talked about how your upper back is a bit of a self-conscious area. It's going to be smooth. She won't worry about it and she's going to feel great. Jeannie, you look great. But how do you feel, is it comfortable? This is very comfortable. I don't feel restricted at all. That's the key. I'm not restricted. I can move. Look at her. Next up, we got Jennifer. Okay, let's get over to Jennifer. So, Jennifer is a mother of two. Congratulations. She came to me wanting to try to find something that controlled her self-conscious areas while still comfortable to chase after the kids. I put her in an open-bust cat suit. We talked about the open bust, she can change around her bras when she does. It controls her tummy and her legs. It's great for new moms. After having a kid you want that support around your lower belly. But you still want to be comfortable. So, she's got an amazing catsuit on. It's great with jeans and a white t-shirt. Or, if she wants to go out she can put it underneath a jumpsuit or maxi dress. I got to tell you, though, guys, I wear this all the time. It's so comfortable and just feels great. That's awesome. And then lastly, we have -- your name is beautiful. Give her a round of applause. And you look sensational. She came to us because she wanted to boost your confidence. You had a little bit of self-conscious about your hips. So I wanted to put her in this high-waisted midshort. The great thing about a mid-thigh short it's perfect for anything -- a pant, a maxi dress, a mini dress -- I mean, it's so versatile. Also it's thin and it's breathable. You don't feel like you're also the great thing about this is, it's elastic-free. This is very, very breathable. Nothing's pinching. Nothing's squeezing. It's very easy to get on and very easy to get off. A great alternative to try shapewear out. How do you feel? I feel great. You'll actually wear it someday? I'll wear it every day with jeans, high-waist jeans. Yes. Wear it with anything. One last question, I noticed you have them all in black. That's probably for the visual. Just for the visual today because we're on TV. But you can wear it in nude which is also a great alternative. You know, they did start shapewear a long time, because you wanted to have nude underneath a white garment. It's available in multiple different colors. Thank you, Hayley. Thank you. Thank you guys.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Our SSK style contributor shows Sara and Keke three different looks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68249651","title":"Hayley Hasselhoff's shapewear solutions for every woman","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/hayley-hasselhoffs-shapewear-solutions-woman-68249651"}