Is 'Pitch Perfect 4' happening? Brittany Snow responds

The 'Almost Home' star talks about her engagement, living in NY and the sequel that everybody wants to see.
6:11 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Is 'Pitch Perfect 4' happening? Brittany Snow responds
Yeah that's and the bubbly meg Pryor on the show American dream came from Latin lessons like don't recommend that he hit it perfectly. There is almost family. Take a look. We. What's that mean does she have. Other problems not physiological. Dad. You're my only connection to her you have to tell me yes. She had trouble you want team to be a mother. I can see that her true feeling since last thing I want. Still lack. It's okay to kind. She just wasn't sure was whose firm but she didn't go that she had such a free spirit she wanted to tethered. She hasn't changed human. Flatly congratulations in order until she had as great windshield and Alter egos got engaged. Actually last January of oversee just now planning holiday a little note yanish they took our time and actually even forgot my engagement and. I don't know me millions watch to a public. Wanting to the palace and like pumped into accepting and they got it right now I'm one of those people it's gonna go up and praise and yeah time is being heard met. You knew you guys would be PM different because he how he acted when he met your talk. That's true my dog is my pride and joy of I little like a child she is my child she is spoil the child back. At I was really nervous about her meeting him because like they didn't get along you know that he was gonna have to be out wouldn't. That I mean that sick so they really bonded she's actually more ancestor can know a gash she waits for him like. And no matter where he goes. Yes the president doesn't did you forget about two point. It happening giving me a little bit of a break but suddenly. I. Q do you you know yeah. Ignited when I married also my cousin cousin how we bond with my dog I have my wedding apt. I think they said the award first I like my little and I am I if I don't thugs of females you're both student you have female blogs always bond better with. There's an excellent job advance and it's truly like what AC till that are we opal had get a male blog you'll love you better. Back to tinker with his mill I love that we also you moved here from. You just moved well we moved here for the show I'm from Los Angeles and so we've been here for six months and sent Jackson an adjustment because I'm originally from Florida. Moved to California my whole life and I'm in New York. And I told you. Hello again. I don't know how to do this gas I. There's a gym like two blocks down the street to Carter to finally your I don't immediate help on the good. Carson we thought it's always better with a little two year. Cell we ahead it. And oh my god he's settled here. That can't. You still here data Tennessee sweater for your eighty I. We know how important that is as well is its own words and look at the snow you said she barely once I don't know anybody handling the little boots because of the salt isn't really anything like. Back at us and she will not go outside she doesn't care she just won't do an ideal wrong that you probably get awful place. Exactly and she only goes on grass and there's nobody in this ignited. Yeah around their surprisingly different and I can notice it winds that town and not enough. We also know that you're adding your brother are mean to. John Snow yes I now do. You know winter was coming that's where it's. Hot yeah let me let you can't. And being John Snow. Yeah somewhere that's all of the same time. Yeah. Yeah yeah really tell CKQ could anything you don't. Polygamy or not with the Europeans singing your dog in your worked in the Tulsa about the show. Great song on the family is on fox and it is about Julie exactly my character who seemingly the only child of Leon Beckley a fertility Doctor Who uses his own it. Material to impregnate a bunch of his patients at his clinic and I find out that I have all these Brothers and sisters. That I didn't know I haven't so it's an unconventional family drama where we have to learns what family is to us because now we're kind of stuck in this predicament where. We are all related and add this fall finale is actually huge twist for each characters so well things are not what it seems. Oh you're going into that game navy I'm. Not. I'd love a twist added. It's gonna suck and I. Yeah. You go to war until. I don't have linked to you'll have to ask you why do you about the huge personal and we saw photos. I think that I know but I know nothing like I think sometimes I actually don't know when I'm not just saying that because I would tell you guys but we just put on before is because we want in a fourth one and then. Rebel kind of tease it like there was going to be a Portland but she doesn't that we. Hasn't seen. Oh my god I love her and a movement guys everyone's. On the what's ended Wednesday its own fox they can get from me here.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"The 'Almost Home' star talks about her engagement, living in NY and the sequel that everybody wants to see. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67603891","title":"Is 'Pitch Perfect 4' happening? Brittany Snow responds","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/pitch-perfect-happening-brittany-snow-responds-67603891"}