Carla Hall's legendary labor-inducing foods

From pizza to eggplant parm, Carla's got just what you need if you want to induce labor.
6:07 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Carla Hall's legendary labor-inducing foods
actually just ready to pop? Later in your pregnancy. No, raise them his. There are babies involved here. Okay, okay. Because Carla hall is here to walk us through three famous lunch dishes around the country that locals claim can actually induce labor. When they're desperate to into labor. We're all desperate. Thousands of women swear their babies were born after eating these foods. I know you guys might be skeptical but we have some proof right here in the audience. Lindsay says her bundle of joy is here because -- That's baby Owen. Baby Owen. Because one of these foods -- we'll reveal which one in just a few. Our taste testers are two moms full term and are excited to get things started. Ladies -- just a reminder, we do have a medic on hand just in case anyone goes into labor. So, good luck with that. All right, Michael and Joe, bring them the first dish. All right, well, we have Josephine and we have Leigh. Thank you. Josephine is from Sweden and Leigh is from right here in new there you go, ladies. This is all for you. Have a sample. Emts, make sure you pay attention. Stay close. All right, so, the salad that they're having is from a restaurant in Los Angeles, so many people will walk in and say, did you have the salad? "The salad." The restaurant named it the salad. 80% report back that this is worked for them. 80%. 80%. 80%. They say it's the special balsamic vinaigrette. You can just drink that. Out of the nipple, Michael. All right, the salad. We got some taste testers on the couch. Okay. We're going to bring this over here, ladies. One of them has a baby. If you're not pregnant and you have the salad, you might just end up pregnant. I mad that up. I made that up. Amy, double down. No, thank you. What else we got? All right, the Buffalo wing pizza from Hawthorne's pizza in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's called -- ladies, get this -- it's called the inducer. It sounds like a character from the terminator. Now, you were seduced and now you got to be induced. There we go. All right, they had over 400 moms report back that the inducive pizza worked on getting their little ones out of the oven. It believes the spice in the Buffalo sauce might have something to do with inducing labor. So, what do you think? It's delicious. How are you feeling? I'm going to give it a minute. How about some pizza? That's so good. There we go. How are you all feeling over there? Good. Any contractions? Not yet. Eat another bite. Hey, did they say what happens if I eat it? If you have a baby, we're going to take this show all the way to the top. Tell you right now, it's good. It's good pizza. Really good. Last one, we have the eggplant parm in the Atlanta, Georgia. Moms report that the eggplant parm worked on their eggplant babies. But it's just called eggplant parm? Right. Unbeknownst to many they're ordering the baby inducer. Right. The key ingredient is the eggplant to help induce overdue moms. What do you all think? That's delicious. It looks amazing. I mean, eating this food is not a selfless act. These are all delicious. Take one for the team. Yeah, which we already did that. Carla, you took me to a dark place. Okay, you have seen the foods. I want a show of hands, which one do you think helped deliver just call it out. Pizza. Pizza. I heard pizza over here. I heard salad and pizza a lot. Everybody's saying the pizza. Okay. Do I get a review? No. Lindsay, what was it? It was the eggplant. Okay. You have the eggplant baby in the house. There's the mini-eggplant. He smiled. I was at full term and I had gone to the doctor and the doctor said there's no chance that you're having this baby on your own and we had a date schedule. We took things into our hand because it's a local legend. You went on purpose? Yeah, we went on purpose. Definitely. Did you have the eggplant? We had the eggplant. We were in a room full of pregnant women all trying to do the same thing. And five hours later, my water broke and here's my eggplant baby. Everybody here. We're going to be serving it up for you ladies. Okay, you know what, I have to say baby or not, this is delicious food. This delicious. That's the truth. Get more info on these foods on our Facebook page.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"From pizza to eggplant parm, Carla's got just what you need if you want to induce labor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63208020","title":"Carla Hall's legendary labor-inducing foods","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/carla-halls-legendary-labor-inducing-foods-63208020"}