Take it from ABC News Correspondent Dan Harris: 'Find what you love and go after it'

The ABC News correspondent may be a master meditator, author and father now, but his life has also been a rollercoaster.
5:22 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for Take it from ABC News Correspondent Dan Harris: 'Find what you love and go after it'
First of all. I would mind. Younger self to find new arbor this night senior prom. And you may think I would you know wanted to do something to make myself look like let's check that apparently not. Still I spent a lot of my childhood feeling stupid. Both of my parents are academic positions my younger brother is I think could fairly be described as a genius. Academically. And things didn't let me and I spent a lot of time. In the family and in school had a feeling down it wasn't right at college I realized what I can pick what I was going to study. That I wasn't. That done I remember getting my report starting college and the first time. I at a rate. All aids and I called my bad. Because I had been such forces in what I would tell that guy when I was Palestinian person is. Find what you love and then go after streak right. Figure out what it is that you would hate to do and then find a way to get paid to do that has made all the difference in my life. I'm on the left. And my little brother play resented. To infinity and beyond. There on the right and he's made it his business to this day. To torture me I really picked on and pushed around my little brother we miraculously have a great relationship now but it really took. Until college until we were able to be really good friends don't underestimate. The value. Not being here you will feel better for you to be nicer. Yes. That's the 2004. Democratic. Convention and my job was to cover the campaign for ABC news I really wanted as a young ambitious reporter to. Check the box of having covered a presidential campaign. As it turns out I was never good at it and in light of very much and that showed up in my work forcing yourself to do things. That you think will be good for you in some way but that actually don't in any way speak to the things that you really enjoy. It's. Suffer fools errands and in this case it put my office. 2001 just a few weeks after 9/11. I've volunteered to go overseas cover whatever it's gonna happen next I managed to get into. Southern Afghanistan sleeve details. And it was my first experience in war zone. And I love it though the US and its Afghan allies clearly have the momentum in the battle for Tora Bora. So what happened was. And all this time addicted to the adrenaline. Covering wars and I came home and everything years none of the tax. He prepared for the thrill of of having your life on the line it. And I got to press I started self medicate with recreational drugs including cocaine and Ecstasy. My drug use pretty. Intermittent and short lived. But it was enough according to my doctor. Two changed that my brain chemistry and make me more likely to freak out and June of 2004 I was on Good Morning America. And I had a pact that Melissa was until afterward about what's your shrink. That put it together and it was that realization that ultimately sent me toward that day. It is the first time that the Dalai Lama I didn't go into this interview feeling reverence that we a lot of people do about the Dalai Lama. But I walked out of it. Deeply impressed. I'm it's not claimed to be some perfected. Wise idea V he's the guy the way he describes it. Who is doing his best through meditation practice and living a good life. Today to have positive impact in the world the thing that meditation as taught me is that mine is treatable. That is incredibly. Empowering. Thing to learn. Yes my life and so that's the picture on our wedding I would say that's the single best decision I've ever. I've found that that I my biggest failings throughout life is being too stuck in your own little narrative. Stuck in your own story or wrong priorities with the out. Really. Being sensitive to other people around. The work of being in a relationship it is learning. How to you know get your head out your own but a lot that has been a lot of work for me to the more you open yourself up to other people's experiences concerns. A happy you are. We were doing serve a public health care in Cambodia. And there are a lot of kids there who are suffering and this strikes me as and most. Sensible. Defensible use of the power. Of being on television. You have a position in the culture that that I think is really amazing to have to have people who know you are. But also have a lot of responsibility and to use. Cameras and megaphone that we have to improve people's life festival I've felt that to me if you really fired up a frightening. Can I do my best work.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"The ABC News correspondent may be a master meditator, author and father now, but his life has also been a rollercoaster.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62496066","title":"Take it from ABC News Correspondent Dan Harris: 'Find what you love and go after it'","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/abc-news-correspondent-dan-harris-find-love-62496066"}