Woman says her doctor told her she was just fat, when in fact she had cancer

Rebecca Hiles is speaking out after she says she was misdiagnosed and body-shamed by her doctor who dismissed her health concerns.
3:00 | 04/19/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman says her doctor told her she was just fat, when in fact she had cancer
Now to the "Gmov we have a woman who sayshe misdiagnosed by doctors because of wght years. Rebecca Hiles says she was body problems but iturns out, she had can. O my gosh. Reporter:28-year-ol Rebecca Hiles says for as longs S can remember doctors hav respd to her medical complaints by telng H to lose weight. It waseryry to sort exist by that I thought was fain mend haveic professionals who didn't seem to take M seriously. Repr: When Rebecca 17, she says she cam downith a bad case of bronchis and walking pneumonia which her treated her for but three ars laterhe was still plagued with psistent coughing fits. By the end of it I had coughed up blo repeatedly. I shouldn't have sleep in my shower every night because I can't breathe. Reporte Rebecca ss she was on a laundryist of cations. But Noth helped. Sayshatll changed when she met aoctor W looked past her worked tirelessly to figure outhawas wrong with her. Rebecca cts that medical team for puttiern a path to receiving her shocking diagnosis. It was the F in my life that I rememaving a doctor take me seriously. Youav carcinoid cancer and thee I had surgery was two weeks. Rebecca's story appearing in this recent article for "Cosmopolitan" where author Maya du dusanberry said many are getting judged by their doctors. This tendencyy health care providers to aume that any sympto C be bladn weight. Everything from L Aken ankle to ainus infection. Reporter: Research swsha fear of being fat shamedes patientsore reluctant to go to the ctor. According to 2y conducted by the women's hea alliance, 45en canceled or postponed appointmes so they could shed some wt before having to get on the E at the doctor's ce. Six years since her Rebecca says she's speaking out so tt women encouraged to become their ownealth advocateshad a diagnosis been made two years prior, had it been made when I was 20, maybe Thi would have been different. And we wish her all the best. Drjeashton is he of and H does this happebi I haveo much to say on this. In let's D patient de physician side and what wano about understand weak a medical assess fi. What does the patient look ? Is a fact that being overwehtr does carry with it certain risks of other things, it also a fact that you can have morhan oneng going on at the same time. So you can be overwe or obese, have a co canave an infection and you can have lung cancer and I think that I important for patients to understand that making diagnosis I a veryolved complex process but they also need to HD their health care pridccntable and if the are G made to feel you're not me, express your feelings, that can tly turn tables and give the patient pow sometimes the provider needs wa-up call. They need to say, younow so they can shifears approach it in a productiveompassionate and sensite Maner. Thankouor that. You arrd asscertified in obesity medicine. What can we do E have an onus of respliuntand at a patient is dealing with anhere are physis now who are trained in lgbt patie and are physicians who B certified in dealing with in the field R a long te you are not up to S onthatat can affect your ability tel good care so I think that that is really important. The other thing we need to rembers that a lot of patientson't reaze there arehnic,religious, cia, social, sexual aspects of patient that do uphe risk factors of certain things. Wh we that out ideally we're not Makin a social judgment but a clil observation but need to D THA in a way that's effec kind. As a society we nee to D thistia because it is affecting the care that people get and that C't continue. You are fir up about this. I sure whoo. I know. Well, thankou. We H hear women or anyoneng like is We do.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Hiles is speaking out after she says she was misdiagnosed and body-shamed by her doctor who dismissed her health concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54571804","title":"Woman says her doctor told her she was just fat, when in fact she had cancer","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/woman-doctor-told-fat-fact-cancer-54571804"}