2014 SAG Award Winners Celebrate

Go backstage with the night's big winners.
3:00 | 01/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2014 SAG Award Winners Celebrate
A big night of celebrating in Hollywood who knows maybe some parties are still calling -- The Screen Actors Guild dish out -- awards always a closely watched events since it's been seen as a Bellwether for the Oscars. And our -- -- spent a long night was some of the very happy winners and Sarah the NA try to be objective as a journalist and I hear you met a lot of your favorites there. I totally eked out an -- he said these awards are -- big indicator of what's to come at the Oscars but what really sets the sag awards apart. Is that the winners are selected by their peers fellow actors and you could sense the pride in gratitude we got the chance to -- chat with the winners backstage. Thank you. After American -- cast one last night Jennifer Lawrence was not hustled into partying at her house. Nobody coming up our studio my thing they go to these and I go home and in order take out and -- myself. Our brand and nobody's -- has not run again for your great great now not later -- -- -- -- yeah yeah yeah. No tomorrow and that's come over tomorrow. Matthew McConaughey -- And here at Leno both one for Dallas buyers' clubs are moving to a may have less than five million dollar for 29 days I'm very proud of my mother who is here -- -- -- -- -- town. -- thank you for giving me such a shining and wonderful example. The possibilities of life -- do you want to call first you have your -- here is there anyone you're dying at the following day. But the great thing is is there -- UN you know social media takes care of the calls you don't have to do anything. -- the public god what a way to go out and -- the final season of breaking bad earned sag awards for the cast and their start bragging Cranston. One this duo. We knew before you've been hearing -- -- amenable date with meeting you what's happened that morning and I. I know who you liar they -- Starring -- can you just step over here -- -- modern family won comedy ensemble was of the of their current thinking all who made it possible. So Irene angels. Might wolves. So that's. I don't pleasure and an -- so exciting because I think a lot of us didn't see it coming -- -- Ty Burrell also won male actor in a comedy series. A humble yeah it's not just -- I was actually on the red carpet autograph counts -- for their favorite stars. For a complete photographer. Am confident photo -- twelve years of -- actress repeated beyond doubt later -- speech winners and posed with their twelve pound statue. These -- had been. So he might become part of my -- countries. In -- anything the -- that Harold got to have one he's strong. And I have to say that bit overwhelming feeling -- -- from the natural award -- moments. Was that the great fondness I ask so many of them afterwards what does it feel like that your friends voted stupidest. They they all stop for a second -- I I'm I'm so appreciative it was it was so lost and take and you can that was the theme of the night was the the great elements -- into CN. We -- sharing the peed on when she won -- that they get a close shot of Julia Roberts just beaming obviously she'd been nominated as well. Of course all ladies looked fantastic and we were just talking -- what a year this has been for Matthew McConaughey case we're literally -- -- with his performances and the local Wall Street and Dallas. -- to -- and -- -- -- -- Sarah what I couldn't help but notice what watching your piece which is great by the way is that many of these cats they seem really bonded especially. Modern family which my wife and I spent a lot of time watching so we're feeling and we know them. They can -- you get that sense meeting them in person that they. Are very close. Well it was a fan's dream both modern family and breaking bad which I'm a huge fan of then the banter and there was a point where even with breaking bad. That -- -- use their character -- because those are on the tip of my -- -- -- paint from breaking bad was referring to his nephew when he he sits on these -- don't talk like that I'm still your uncle. After some of the answer was still the meal deal. And I thought this is exactly what you wanna see when your and you wanna believe they all just hang out together probably makes you feel the way you we do on the -- hair as an aunt and family are yet Rob Ryan -- easily off camera. Well. Not Sarah thank you very much great -- -- for the lack of sleep.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Go backstage with the night's big winners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21588998","title":"2014 SAG Award Winners Celebrate","url":"/GMA/video/2014-sag-award-winners-celebrate-21588998"}