Should Adam Levine Apologize for 'I Hate This Country' Remark?

"The Voice" judge has said the hot-mic quip was just a joke.
3:28 | 05/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Should Adam Levine Apologize for 'I Hate This Country' Remark?
Look at the miami white, pitbull coming up. Right now the heat index. Amanda bynes' latest. Also, we'll get a little on manner idol as well. You guys look cool here today. Let's talk about beyonce right here. She looks fantastic. But there seems to be some kind of feud going on. Somebody saying, some people reporting that beyonce was very upset, because they wanted to photo shop the ad. Right. Well, if it was not photo shopped, it would be the first ad in the history of advertising to do that. If you look at the photo, to me it doesn't look like her shape -- she doesn't look that much thinner. I also find it hard to believe that beyonce does not have some control, and by that i mean full control over any images of her that are put out by a studio or an ad agency. So I'm not so sure. Well, hnm says it is a wonderful work in progress, both parties are happy. They say they are all happy. I hope she's happy. Adam levine, we showed this the other day. We showed him saying, I hate this country. Let's show it right now, right before the finals on the voice. He's having a hard time coming up with an apology on this. One, everybody needs to stop dumping on adam levine, because we know what he actually meant. Clearly. Yes. Which means I am disappointed in the way the country voted on this issue. And two of my contestants were kicked off. However, I think that he should have actually come out and made a real apology. And then explained himself, which he did, beautifully. I love my country, I was just trated. But a stronger apology was necessary. Those are pretty strong words, even though we heard people say them in a similar context especially on election day. Absolutely. But yes, he just -- he didn't mean what we all heard. No. We all know what he meant. He could have handled it a little better. Adam levine is not the problem. Right? He should have apologized for a poor choice of words. Is amanda bynes the problem? Amanda bynes, I'm seeing And honestly, I don't know what's being done to help her. But I'm not -- the latest report is that her parents are trying to get a conservatconservatorship over her. It's really hard. Any time she's been taken in, the judge is not seeing any cong reason to put her -- she is an adult. -- Put her under lockdown. It's very, very hard. I hope that she finds help on her own. It's a sad story, though. She just tweeted, I'm not crazy. So she's sort of refuting a lot of people are seeing her behavior, making judgments, but I think ultimately everybody wants one thing. Which is her to live a healthy, happy life. Whatever the problem is. Yeah. Go get some help. Thanks for coming by this morning. Robin has big guests over there.

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{"id":19295241,"title":"Should Adam Levine Apologize for 'I Hate This Country' Remark?","duration":"3:28","description":"\"The Voice\" judge has said the hot-mic quip was just a joke.","url":"/GMA/video/adam-levine-hate-country-remark-singer-apologize-19295241","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}