Amanda Bynes Arrested After Alleged Bong Toss

Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle discusses stories that have had Hollywood buzzing.
3:00 | 05/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Bynes Arrested After Alleged Bong Toss
Also, grand to have jess cagle. We'll look at the hot stories trending and, jess, we want to start with something overnight, amanda bynes, more troubling news now for the child star, arrested allegedly smoking marijuana in the lobby of her building then threw allegedly drug paraphernalia out a window when police arrived. The latest now -- is there somebody with the last name bynes that can please come get her? Apparently her family is like -- not one of those lindsay lohan things where you look at her awful parents and think that kid never had a chance. Probably there is a support system out there for her, but she's not in contact with them, at least according to what she's tweeted. She's an adult. She's 27, 28 years old. There's nothing people can do. It's clearly a terrible, terrible drug problem. You know, she -- I think she threw a bong out the window actually. She's been taken in. It's really, really erratic behavior but seems like there's other problems besides what of drugs are going on. So, yeah, it's sad and, you know, you look at that, you look at that kid, she was a child star and you look at the past stuff she's done, it's tough to look at. You hope this is the bottom and she can come back to the top. Hoe low is the bottom for some of these people. Jennifer aniston, good girl image of sorts. It will no longer be there of sorts. Plays an exotic dancer and jason sudeikis said it's going to be great. The movie looks really good. She plays a stripper and a trailer went out with her stripping and got all kinds of attention but it is -- you know, this is sort of like julia roberts playing a prostitute in "pretty woman." The is jason sudeikis, his third movie with jennifer aniston, by the way, "horrible bosses." He plays a guy, small town, small time drug dealer and has to find all these people to play his family so they can smuggle some drugs but finds a hooker and a runway. I loved "horrible bosses," by the way. She's always good. Coming this summer. Quickly, ryan gosling has had better weeks. Everybody gets booed. Got booed. Unforgiving reviews of this. Terrible reviews. Very stylish, very violent. Apparently very stupid movie, yes. Okay. So there's one more unforgiving review. I think he probably likes that he got booed. He thinks we accomplished something. Brad pitt at cannes, nicole kidman. Well, if you're going to see a movie, "fast and furious 6." Those are always fun. I think if you're going to catch up with something "painting game," "star trek" is amazing and "before midnight." The trilogy. Haunting melissa is a horror movie told in short installments in an app and I highly recommend that. It's amazing. Jess, always great to have you. Have a wonderful weekend. Also burning up the "heat

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle discusses stories that have had Hollywood buzzing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19249371","title":"Amanda Bynes Arrested After Alleged Bong Toss","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-bynes-arrested-alleged-bong-toss-nyc-apartment-19249371"}