Amazon launches service that delivers packages inside your home

The tech giant's newest delivery service will allow drivers to have access to drop off parcels inside your home, even when you are not there.
6:48 | 10/25/17

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Transcript for Amazon launches service that delivers packages inside your home
We got to move on to an exclusive first look at Amazon's new tool that will deliver packages inside your front door even when you're not home. Chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis -- whoa. Getting a reaction already, Rebecca. All right. We'll take a listen to this. Good morning to all you guys. So this is from the company that wants to know you even better than you know yourself starting November 8th and 37 cities Amazon prime member also have the option to use this free service which lets the driver leave a package inside your home even when you're not there. ??? it's the company known for revolutionizing delivery but tech titan Amazon is taking things a few steps farther literally delivering those packages not just to your do doorstep but inside your home. It's called Amazon key. Here's how it works. The driver arrives and scans your package which automatically sends a phone signal to you. At the same time a security camera mounted in your home begins rolling so you have a record of the whole thing. So that I can return home to my package in my front entry which I've been following along on my phone which has been recording from that camera. Why is Amazon doing this? Well, we heard from customers, a lot of customers would love having their packages delivered in their home even when they're not there. Relationship the free service is available for prime members. Beginning November 8th in 37 cities around the country with 85 million prime members in the U.S. Spending an average of $1300 a year, that's a lot of homes. As I'm sure you can imagine some people are going to be skeptical about the idea of a stranger going into their home. Amazon is really focused on safety and security. All of these drivers are the same drivers that you know and trust to deliver your Amazon packages today. They're background checked and approved to deliver for Amazon. If the cloud is the thing that keeps me from having someone come into my home or not with the smart lock like this, what happens if the cloud gets hacked? Well, you know, I can tell you that privacy and security is the most important thing that we're working on at Amazon so all of the devices are encrypted. Reporter: The service is optional and could be one way to stop package theft. 23 million Americans say they've had deliveries stolen from their doorstep. When I spoke with Amazon executives about this they said this is not an experiment but something that will be fundamental to the way they shop in the future and have things delivered to their homes. Reporter: Through the Amazon key app customers can watch the delivery in realtime. Then you see your delivery happening live. You see the lock is unlocked. She slips the package in the door. She shuts the door and a second you'll see this lock icon move to locked. She can go on with her day. Lot of interest in this one. While the in-home service is free, the lock and camera will cost you. Amazon is selling those together in a bundle for $250. Walmart, guys, they're testing out a similar service in San Francisco right now. It's a pilot program. I got to tell you it doesn't happen all the time here but your piece completely changed my mind. I came in thinking there is is way I would do it. You still wouldn't do it. I see that right there. Security checks, cameras. They built in a lot of failsafes. The they have and the way it work, George, you go on to the site as an Amazon prime customer. You order just as you normally would. You opt in so this is voluntary. You don't have to do it. You opt in with the in-home service and the delivery person arrives at your home. Outside of your door. They scan that package. Once they've scanned the package it accepts a signal both to your phone, which activates a notification on your phone and says the delivery will take place and also sends a signal to your front door to unlock the front door. Then they can drop that delivery inside of your front door and the whole thing, you can watch, on your phone on the camera. Yeah, okay, all that. Right. But you also asked him about the cloud. Of course. And being hacked and he didn't really answer the possibility. Well, and this is the biggest question. Security and I did talk to him about this even beyond what you saw in the conversation because the cloud, of course, we know about the cloud. We've heard things about the cloud before that aren't always good. In Amazon's case they say that this is not only encrypted information, all of 89 information itself is encrypted the deviceses, the camera, the lock on your door, everything is encrypted so they feel very confident that this is a secure service that not only is secure from the delivery standpoint but also from the technology. For people who don't understange encrypted explain it. It is the highest level of security that you can have in terms of technology today. It is the thing that basically locks off anybody else from looking at the information except for the parties who are actually inputting that information, for example, if it was my phone I'm the one who can see my phone but it's encrypted to anyone else outside. What I keep wondering, would you do it? I'm curious to see how it works. Here we are in this world where we now use Uber, for example, we use airbnb, we trust strangers constantly in ways we might not have always done and I think it'll be interesting also to see is there an age difference here. Are you going to see perhaps younger consumers are more inclined tors this using it and some of the people who are not so accustomed to it -- I think it's inclined for the younger customer. But they have been doing the same thing since the pony express, that's how we've been getting our mail so why -- Why does Amazon, why now are they trying to shake things up? I think the beam line here and this is why you're seeing wall part do the same thing. Any impediment to you using your service, if your impediment is you're not home so you can't get their package they want to fix that and take every pain point out of the transaction so that they can literally control all of it and you want to shop with them all the time. Already 43% of retail is happening on Amazon online right now. Round of applause, who would do this ask round of applause, who would do it? Okay. It's interesting. Okay, wait a minute. And now round of amraugs who would not do this? And your piece was effective because I saw some people who said no earlier who are now clapping that they would do it. And George is one of them.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"The tech giant's newest delivery service will allow drivers to have access to drop off parcels inside your home, even when you are not there. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50698588","title":"Amazon launches service that delivers packages inside your home","url":"/GMA/video/amazon-launches-service-delivers-packages-inside-home-50698588"}