Armie Hammer admits his daughter prefers 'Moana' over 'Cars 3'

The actor, who is the voice of a new rookie racer in "Cars 3," joins "GMA" to discuss his role in the Disney-animated movie.
4:14 | 06/05/17

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Transcript for Armie Hammer admits his daughter prefers 'Moana' over 'Cars 3'
down I'll never get on a plane again. Your daughter is 2 1/2. Is she a fan of the "Cars" movies. Not at all. I probably country say that. I tried to so her "Cars 1" because we have the premiere and go to cars land and do the whole thing. Let's watch it so she can get excited. She watched it for a minute and she goes, I want to watch "Moana" and I was like, okay. I love that. Which is fine with me. I can't really argue, so, yeah, couldn't carele less. Your character is the new guy in town. Keekt. Tell us about him. His name is Jackson storm. They call him the next Gener racer. He's peaking as opposed to peak. How does lightning Mcqueen feel about Jackson. I mean he sort of takes the soul out of racing. He sort of takes the joy out of the sport and it's up to lightning Mcqueen to sort of like find that again. Let's see him in action. Hey, Jackson storm, right? Great race today. Wow. Thank you, Mr. Mckean. You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you. Thanks. But hang on. Did you say beat or meet? I think you heard me. It gets icy. It gets icy. Speaking of "Cars" I heard you had a pretty eventful time the first time you drove a car. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, first time I stole a car, I was 8 and my dad taught me to drive when I was really young stick shift because he drove and he used to race cars and all that stuff so it was like a big part of us was like cars on the weekend he'd go race or whatever. So he taught me to drive a stick shift when I was 8 and when you're 8 you also don't learn the responsibility of what a car is, so he came home one day from work and his car was gone and he was like, honey, where is my car and she's like, I don't know. I thought -- what do you mean? Where is my car. Where is my car? Where is my son. So then they realize I'm gone and he's like, oh, no. So he gets in the car and drives around and goes basically to my friend's house where I took my dad's car and I was like, I can drive. Your legs could reach. I was tall. Reach the clutch. That could have been. I came out 6'2", yeah. That's a crazy story. Yeah. I also saw you the other night with Andy Cohen. Very funny. Yeah, yeah. You said you loved kissing Leo Dicaprio in "J. Edgar." We won't go with the whole conversation but also got to embrace Henry Cavill on a Vespa in "The man from uncle." Which of those embraces would you rather? I'm basically living the dream of like every 18-year-old girl. You know. You really are. You understand that. It's all right. My wife is incredibly jealous. But it somehow has led to or -- "The man from uncle" is continuing so Henry and you could really go the distance. We can really cement this relationship. Yeah, I mean hopefully we're working on the sequel right now. It's being written. Awesome. I love the movie. It's really happening. It started because you -- It started because I was doing a press conference and someone was like we love "The man from uncle" and I said you know we're doing another and I e-mailed guy the director and also the producer. Just a heads-up guys, I just told a roomful of international reporters that you're working on another "Man from uncle" and the response was, dot, dot, dot, are you serious. Yeah, pretty serious and the news came out and Lionel wrote back and said, I'll have a script by the end of the year. Amazing. That's how you do it in Hollywood. Just put pressure on the writer and director. You know what, there is no pressure for people to go O and watch the movie, all right. "Cars 3," it races into theaters on June 16th. Make sure you check out armie

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{"id":47826283,"title":"Armie Hammer admits his daughter prefers 'Moana' over 'Cars 3'","duration":"4:14","description":"The actor, who is the voice of a new rookie racer in \"Cars 3,\" joins \"GMA\" to discuss his role in the Disney-animated movie.","url":"/GMA/video/armie-hammer-admits-daughter-prefers-moana-cars-47826283","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}