Baseball icon David Ortiz discusses his new autobiography live on 'GMA'

David "Big Papi" Ortiz opens up about his new book "Papi: My Story."
4:13 | 05/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baseball icon David Ortiz discusses his new autobiography live on 'GMA'
He's one of the greatest bombed the Red Sox players don't all of the dry I had been waiting hired last year and he's not gone getting. Everybody what are called Bobbi my story welcome David or either. Here's don't always wondered how did you get the name big pop well it's. The may long story short. I'm bad we ma'am so I pretty much totally what it properly so they probably regret that. To dig a city you call them Bob yeah oh yeah dropping out and back but it's fitting man big player home run hitter does a great player all around. Who won who has won three World Series rings. If you're one of those high quality experiences that's most listened to you. That's why I don't who doesn't for a loan this. Is there wand. Rick you know very much anybody what's fiction when the worst fears the best 86 year than we and to win invalid and it was. That was when I basically recognize how much people would make them. Yeah there really miss miss -- curse was left for a long time and without your help break get there we have some young baseball fans here and what a particular eight have a question for what you got a when when you had a nice front nine at least ten. And major ends. The deal you radiate. Heat it is made shirt. US society every day so you can go the small schools. He well guests over. You know and the most important thing. Do you homework done it. Yes school work out a list that you parents all that stuff I'll play. Yeah. Die in you know we we all remember that emotional speech you gave after the Boston bombings. And use the word men's beach we can't use here on I know all morning I got away with. But you definitely think it just came out the disease in Somalia but Derek Jeter did had his Jersey retired you're having your Jersey retired in June. So what did that speech going to be. Whoa you know reduce its going to be ready emotional. When you. Basically know that inevitably to gain anymore. And purely from all those wonderful fans before you do your career. You know this is something that to mean is never end so. Hope that a good maybe they're I'm. And everything you must be did not hit the ball in front I don't try it back amazing that. Everything agent you're not you're not nervous about asking for itself because you've got some great filled with. The one would President Obama with a bigger hit when that US aware not all Amanda. I don't know the president got all the snipers out there the total auto you reaching for your pocket. You know so well he gave a figure that I review I was that I. Mr. President that I think division which you Bolero although Bob we are local news go. Oh. Adds Bobby yeah there are gold version Obama is man so. It was a Lego have Bobby did Richard time. Didn't we just another pitcher you whip Tom Brady at Kentucky Derby but I'm curious how long did it take to put that out began Armageddon. You know the conducted their revenge you gotta you've got. We gotta look cool there is so I've been the mall buoyed them rated. It's not warn you though he is now won't we would go buckled for the small boy man. The good news I remember that one year payout why don't we he's won five. And I. 11 more quick question how do you settling into retirement do you misspeak moment. You know what. You raise would always going to be missed by. Right you know at Wimbledon plays the people watching the debate it was a wonderful sport. You know way. Reality it is some so we see you know and and and IE got out of the game on the Mike terms so. It's it's it's it's not like every means playing with everything it was so long I meet a woman from all the fans probably below the big room. Best performing yet because your book Bobbi my story it's out. You so much they.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"David \"Big Papi\" Ortiz opens up about his new book \"Papi: My Story.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47410581","title":"Baseball icon David Ortiz discusses his new autobiography live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/baseball-icon-david-ortiz-discusses-autobiography-live-gma-47410581"}