Be Your Best: Back-to-School Hacks

These tips and tricks can help ease common back-to-school woes such as getting up early and making time for homework.
3:19 | 08/26/16

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Transcript for Be Your Best: Back-to-School Hacks
We're back now with your be your best week here on "Gma." This morning, we have back-to-school tricks to make your life easier, all part of Disney's healthy living commitment. Becky Worley is here with ways to start school stress free. Is it possible? It can be a headache. But good news, there's a hack for that. School is in session. Our goal? Making the school year a little easier one hack at a time. First up, getting enough sleep and then the hard part. Getting up. Less yelling equals less stress, equals a healthier and happier family. So good morning. If you have a slug a bed, like I do, two hacks. First, let your pet wake the kids up. Hack number two, bring in the tunes. ? a morning play list of up and at 'em songs does wonders. Next hack is for getting out the door. Accept that there will be days when it all goes, shall we say, awry. Come on. We're late. Let's go, let's go, let's go. Having an emergency backup plan in the car will save you time and save you from making bad shoiss. A hair brush and rubber bands, a snack. And love this, dry toothbrushes. It's not perfect. But at least we're getting to school without being hungry, having messy hair and bad breath. Now after school. Ugh. Homework. It's one of the most dreaded aspects of school. A recent study from the commerce site zulily says set a timer. Let's do 0 minutes. The task can seem ting. If you agree on a time and ask the teacher what is reasonable, it's more finite and manageable for them. Yes. Reporter: Soot supersmart hack. When teens are proofreading their essays, use the Google translate tool to read it back to themselves. The renaissance brought about a drastic change this common clothing. Reporter: It highlights typos and incorrect grammar to the student's own ear. I'm going to use that. It's awesome. We have a few for parents. Lunchboxes. You want to keep things cool. Ice packs, they make condensation. Water gets everybody where. Freeze a sponge. Put it in here. If there's any messes, you can -- And you put cellophane over it? Yeah, you can do it without. But you can clean up afterwards or encourage your children to clean up. I hear that happens in some families. This one, I love. This is the gum hack. There's been some studies done that show gum help you to think better. Makes your brain fire better. Also, if you chew person mipt while you're studying and then chew it while you're taking the test, there's some corollary on

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"These tips and tricks can help ease common back-to-school woes such as getting up early and making time for homework.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41661733","title":"Be Your Best: Back-to-School Hacks","url":"/GMA/video/best-back-school-hacks-41661733"}