Bible Stories Back on the Big Screen

Hollywood goes holy with religious- themed 2014 releases, including "Exodus" and "Noah."
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for Bible Stories Back on the Big Screen
through the years, blockbuster movies have been populated by aliens, zombies and cape crusaders. In 2014, it's not superheros that will save the world, but bible heroes. Will the new bible epics be hollywood hits? Behold his mighty hand. Reporter: There's no question hollywood has produced some huge hits by mining the good book. But since "the ten commandments." "Ben hur," and "the bible." Moviemakers have turned more to superheros, such as ironman, thor, batman and spider-man for box office bucks. That could be changing. In 2014, studios will release "the exodus" with christian bale, "mary mother of christ," and may shock audiences with "noah" starring russell crowe. They consider noah to be a benevolent figure. Are you kidding me? As a boy, stood by and watched the entire population of the planet perish. People are going to be surprised what "noah" actually means. Reporter: The value of america's 90-plus million evangelicals became clear with the history's channel recent hit mi miniseries, "the bible." With nearly 12 million views for each of the ten episodes. The beloved story by countless people around the world. Obviously, the story of the bible. Underserved market in general. I think that's a real recipe for a winner. Reporter: But these could be tricky waters for hollywood. Remember the protests against martin scorsese's "the last temptation of christ"? And there's been reports that early screenings of "noah" with religious audiences were rocky. It's something that people are passionate about. Are some people going to be upset by it? Absolutely. Reporter: Aside from "noah" and the other movies listed. Here's some other ones in production. A movie about moses' life, "gods and kings." And brad pitt may play pontius pilate in another movie. The drama is there. The good book is not lacking for drama.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood goes holy with religious- themed 2014 releases, including \"Exodus\" and \"Noah.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21347105","title":"Bible Stories Back on the Big Screen","url":"/GMA/video/bible-themed-movies-trending-2014-exodus-noah-mary-21347105"}