The Biggest and Boldest Ads From the Super Bowl

Donny Deutsch weighs in on a roundup of some of the best commercials from the big game.
5:48 | 02/06/17

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Transcript for The Biggest and Boldest Ads From the Super Bowl
We look at the night's big ad. Some for laughs and some more political. Reporter: In his first ever super bowl ad, Mr. Clean wowing the audience with sex appeal. In a spotless performance that mopped up much of the super bowl buzz. The bald spokesman made over as a sex symbol, immediately one of the biggest trends on Twitter for much of the game. And perhaps the most prolific tweeter during the game, Mr. Clean himself even going after Terry Bradshaw for that stain on his shirt. That turned out to be an ad as well. We're back in five. T.B., you got to clean that shirt. Reporter: That stain, all a stunt for tide. Hey Terry, it's not what's on here that counts. It's what's in here. Really? Reporter: One of four spots purchased by parent company, Procter & gamble, the first time the company has run more than a single commercial during the game. Celebrity power also winning overnight with Melissa Mccarthy getting big laughs running from rhinos while representing Kia. It's hard to be a warrior. Reporter: And a star-studded ad for Honda that included Jimmy Kimmel, vee hola Davis, Amy Adams, Robert Redford and Steve carell, inspiring viewers to go for their dreams. Do you think any of these folks thought that I would make it? Definitely not. That was a rhetorical question, Darrel. Reporter: Many companies making a statement with a more somber tone. 84 lumber reworking their original ad after it was deemed too controversial by fox, chronicling a mother and daughter's immigration journey. The company posting the fuller version online Sunday night. Showing the duo arriving at a wall, but with a door. The site receiving 6 million hits within an hour of the spot airing, almost crashing. What do I tell my daughter? Reporter: Also an ad with a big message, this spot for Audi, focusing on equal pay going viral even before Sunday's broadcast. She will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets. Reporter: For "Good morning America," fapaula Faris, ABC news, New York. Good ad right there. Our ad guru Donny Deutsch right here. Guys, what's up? What's up? I tell you what, Melissa Mccarthy had a great weekend, "Snl," what she did, and then we have the just released ad ratings from usa today and they gave top prize to Kia's hilarious spot featuring miss Melissa Mccarthy. You had pretty much everything, a hot celebrity, a great Sean spicer. And then you have -- That's so good. And then a funny message. You also have kind of a nice politically correct message about being ecofriendly. She got it all in that ad. Mr. Clean, you know a little something about this ad. My former agency, Deutsch, did this ad and what I think is wonderful about it as objective as I can be and I can't be objective, number one you take an old icon and bring it back in a contemporary way. The ultimate message where it's like, all right, men, start to clean. There was not a lot of sex in the super bowl ads. This was not. It was kind of pg. A lot of politics though. A lot of politics. As we talked last week, because that's what's in the zeitgeist right now. I thought you were going to see more political messages. The ones who walked right into it I think won. I think you walk into it, embrace what's going on. Overall, Donny, when you're looking at this year's overall package of ads, how does it rank in comparison? I don't think you'll have any all-time greats. I think they were fine. Typical, a lot of celebrities. There were some funny -- I don't think when we talk two or three years from now -- I also think some of the most creative ads didn't necessarily attach to the brand. We all loved the year book ad. They're showing it right now. It drew you in but you're saying there's no takeaway. Fantastic device. Again, I guarantee this audience will not remember that's Honda. It has nothing to do with cars and number two, the car shows up. You got to do both. It's not good enough to entertain and make people laugh if you're not selling the product, remembering the product. Still a delightful piece of entertainment. You thought the same with Justin Bieber? George is upset because he likes Bieber. I do, I liked that ad. What's wrong with it? That's cute. You guys have never been to George's home. There are Bieber posters. It's weird. But you know -- More than one. To me it's just celebrities for the sake of celebrities. You've got Gronkowski. Who else showed up? A bunch of people in there. Why is Bieber in there? The reason Bieber is in there is it goes back to social media. The number one social media trending thing. A lot of the ads have to do with what's going on beyond the television and back in your pocket. Were you able to have any fun last night? I'm sorry? Were you able to have any fun last night? No. I hate the patriots. If you don't live in new England, you cannot like these guys, I'm sorry.

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{"id":45290104,"title":"The Biggest and Boldest Ads From the Super Bowl ","duration":"5:48","description":"Donny Deutsch weighs in on a roundup of some of the best commercials from the big game. ","url":"/GMA/video/biggest-boldest-ads-super-bowl-45290104","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}