Bill Kristol Discusses the Latest Developments Regarding President-elect Donald Trump

Hear the latest about Trump's picks to help lead his administration and the Trump University lawsuit settlements.
3:43 | 11/19/16

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Transcript for Bill Kristol Discusses the Latest Developments Regarding President-elect Donald Trump
For more on all of this let's bring in Bill Kristol who's the editor of the weekly standard he's also an ABC news contributor and he joins us from Washington bill good morning to you. Let's start this trial Romney meeting today there is a long history in America of political rivals making nice after these hard thought campaigns but Robbie really went pretty far as we showed. He called trap a con man and a fried. Could you really enjoying the cabinet after saying all of that. Sure history cash. I'm I think he'd want assurances that as secretary of state I assume that's the job he would be interested it and that he might be offered. He would be able to run his department he would work talk about some substantive foreign policy issues that he's not defend. Articulate positions that he thinks indefensible. But you know Ali the media's being a little unfair mean tunnel and it jumps criticized I think correctly in some ways. For appointing loyalists who shouldn't perhaps be of the highest positions. That he reaches out to Mitt Romney who is unquestionably qualified for this job who's been a harsh critic of trump. We disagree with jump on everything it shows a kind of open mindedness on Trump's part honestly and I think of rising to the job perhaps. If he makes the offers they would Jim banister Madison when oh retired marine four star general fantastic. General really fantastic human being I think I don't know that he wants to be secretary of defense that FB waiver because he's a recent general. But that he would advise final trump I would feel better about it president trump was big advised by Mitt Romney. And Jim Mattis so you know it's a little leaguer Austin laugh about it and show the clips of Romney criticizing trumpet remind people what matters thought of running as an independent. Again strong but I got to get from credit for. Being more open rioted or Barbara hunt did that I might have expected. Yangon Nikki Haley and Dina terrorism Romney going from his hit list now it is hot list but what I ask you about the five hope prop high profile job appointment since the election. All white men. And three of them attacking us sessions band an excellent have been accused of bigger tree so it a member of the minority community. If you're number of them went minority community you're concerned about a term presidency how she can feel about this administration and how it's shaping up right now now. That. That you should keep an open mind honestly I don't know that I don't approve of things vision that is is that I've matured make micromanagement national security advisor I respect Jeff Sessions and I. I think he's getting bit of a bum rap here bit. Anyway let's see you know sessions will testify before the senate is confirmation. Inflated editor and staff positions I myself think staffers are probably not be giving interviews and speeches maybe as much let the president be the president let the cabinet secretaries. Via the public faces of the administration so I would if I were. I've and I am at terms they obviously have that if I were in a minority group and a jump skeptic I would trust but verify dis trust but verify be very skeptical. But you know he is the president elect let's see what he does let's see what his policies are let's see what he says as president. And maybe some of his aides will move on from where they were a few months or few years ago. You can you paid a price for being drawn skeptics Steve Bannon the controversial triumph strategist newly appointed to a high ranking staff position in the White House has gone after you. Through bright part quite aggressively. What do you make of the fact that Ben and now appears to hold an enormous amount of sway with the incoming president. O'Bannon about the kind of conservatives and that I've been part of for decades as old fashioned match intended did not sort of nationalist enough. Some of those legitimate policy differences sometimes I think he publish stuff right aren't that was set. I'm necessarily. Not just personal with sort of vitriolic and then and and so forth but. Again I I'm not thrilled the sea bed and his counselor president of the United States but again. It's really does he what power trump doesn't says that what's did Ben and doesn't. Bill Kristol fascinates us what you walk this line this morning at we'll be checking back with it we viewed throughout this administration thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Hear the latest about Trump's picks to help lead his administration and the Trump University lawsuit settlements.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43653760","title":"Bill Kristol Discusses the Latest Developments Regarding President-elect Donald Trump","url":"/GMA/video/bill-kristol-discusses-latest-developments-president-elect-donald-43653760"}