'Cake Boss' Rescued After Boat Gets Lost in Thick Fog

Reality star and his family had to be saved after getting lost at sea.
2:12 | 07/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Cake Boss' Rescued After Boat Gets Lost in Thick Fog
Carry on. To the frightening experience on the water for our friend, the cake boss. His poet got lost in thick fog on Saturday night and had to be rescued. They're talking about their situation today. They're happy to be safe and sound this morning. They are. And off the water. He may be an ace in the kitchen, but driving a boat blindly, that's a different story. Loser gets a cake in the face. Reporter: Buddy valastro is happy to be safe this morning. A Friday night boat trip ending in a speedy rescue. To the guys that came to our rescue, I owe you a cake. Reporter: Plinding fog fold. I thought there was fog. I didn't see the bridge. Reporter: They barely missed another boat. There was a big vessel coming at us. I saw him. He didn't see us. We were hanging our horn. He honged his horn. We went right. Then we said, you know what, it's time the call for help. Well, my wife insisted. I said now it's time we call the cops. Reporter: Rescue units scoured the river to find valastro and his party through the dense fog. Nobody was injured. The situation was no piece of cake. When the NYPD came, they said this is really bad night. Reporter: On TV, he may be the cake boss. But on instagram, he revealed who the real boss is. Hash tagging this picture, #my wife wants to kill me. They made it back safely. Got back on the boat the next day. If it's about getting back on the horse, mission accomplished. What's the saying happy wife happy life? I have that framed and put up on my wall. Time now for the weather. We say hello to bill Kelly from

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{"id":24541209,"title":"'Cake Boss' Rescued After Boat Gets Lost in Thick Fog","duration":"2:12","description":"Reality star and his family had to be saved after getting lost at sea.","url":"/GMA/video/cake-boss-rescued-boat-lost-thick-fog-24541209","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}