Buddy Valastro's Winter Comfort Food

The "Cake Boss" shares some delicious recipes you might find at his Las Vegas restaurant.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for Buddy Valastro's Winter Comfort Food
week but we're inside with buddy valastro, former cake boss right here and he has so much going on. Thank you, thank you. Cooking something different for you. This is home cooking. This is like old-school home cooking kind of like what I do at my restaurant in Las Vegas. And also what they call a destination spokesperson for the Las Vegas convention -- what is that. You know what, on mother's day weekend we're doing an event in "Bon appetito" magazine like a food festival on steroids. So many culinary giants will be there and demos and food, ticks go on sale Wednesday and, you know, there's going to be other chefs from the venetian and palazzo like Mario batali, myself, Thomas Keller. That's kind of like an honor and privilege -- I'll bet. To be in the same company as those guys but they're just amazing chefs. I love buddy. He cooks and talks at the same time. Keep it going. Smells great. We're not fooling around here. This is something we can get at buddy's restaurant. At buddy v.'s palazzo in the Brock leanny. You keep stirring that. And then we got a little sausage in there so we cook that down. Whoop. Making a little bit of a mess and after you cook it, it gets like that and the chili just for a little bit of heat and put a little bit of butter. Put a little bit of orchiette in there. Perfect. Straight up. We let that cook and then we got mozzarella and -- What is that? It's -- you know what, it's like the Italian grilled cheese. Okay. And basically it's got a little bit of pesto, it's got mozzarella inside. It's in the bread and then it's grilled together it's just like forget about it. Put all these great things are comfort foods that I've eaten at home with my grandma and stuff like that. The idea behind the restaurant. The concept of buddy V's, it's not go what I would call froufrou Italian but more old-school, old-world, good old-fashioned cooking that you would -- if you come too my house, George and Lara, this is what I'm going to make. In the going to forget about me. Any time. Can I come tonight? Listen, my wife is a good cook. Good. So are you. Really, really good. And I'm telling you, this is for "Buon appetito." Enjoy food, wine, a great experience. That's the weekend to go. It's like nothing else. Tickets go on sale Wednesday. Check it out. Your day job and you have cannolis over there. I'm the cake boss, of course I got some great desserts and this is the first year of the venetian palazzo participating in "Buon appetito" and we'll headline it and have fun and cook and drink and gamble. It's Vegas, baby. Sounds like it. I always thought -- Anything not on that list. I always thought the world didn't collide if you were a great baker you may not be a great chef. You have nailed both of these. This is so savory and dreamy. Well, thank you. You know what, these are the old world recipes my dad, my grandmo, my mom made. We keep it classic Italian. Less is more. Less is more. Thanks, buddy. Goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! "Cake boss" and "Bakery boss." I got it on starring tonight. "Bakery boss." He will woo be right back.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Cake Boss\" shares some delicious recipes you might find at his Las Vegas restaurant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21596446","title":"Buddy Valastro's Winter Comfort Food","url":"/GMA/video/cake-boss-star-chef-buddy-valastros-winter-comfort-21596446"}