California, New Mexico Wildfires Force Evacuations

Residents leave behind their homes as out of control fires spreads.
2:14 | 06/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California, New Mexico Wildfires Force Evacuations
heartland to huge wildfires in the west. More than 1,000 homes are being evacuated as out-of-control fires burn in california and new mexico. Look at this video of a trapped man, spotted by the news chopper from los angeles affiliate kabc. Abc's clayton sandell tells us what happened next. Reporter: This morning, the powerhouse fire is earning its name. Massive flames tearing through mountain canyons north of los angeles that haven't burned in 30 years. It's hard to get our firefighters in these areas with the thick brush. Reporter: Nearly 1,000 firefighters are attacking the blaze from the ground and air. And imagine the horror of this man, spotted by a kabc tv hospital. He's stranded not far from a monstrous wall of fire. But before nightfall, he was rescued. New mexico is fighting two out-of-control wildfires. Near the town of jimenez springs, people are fleeing from their homes. It's going up in flames. Reporter: A second fire near santa fe, is choking the city in a smoky haze. Fires are also burning in colorado and oregon. Fires have destroyed thousands of acres. There's two big problems for firefighters. Number one, the winds. And number two, the heat. 100-degree-plus temperatures. The flames are being supercharged by extremely dry trees and terrain. Drought has parched the entire west. Nearly half of new mexico is suffering the driest conditions you can measure. Drought may be driving a huge spike in cases of something called valley fever. First, winds kick up fungus spores from dry part soil. For most, it's like having the flu. But some cases are fatal. They never expected me to come out of the hospital. Reporter: Fight fears are warning, this fire season will be long and dangerous. Coming at a time the forest service says it will hire 500 fewer firefighters nationwide this year, thanks to budget cuts. For "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, near santa clarita, california. Thoughts go out to the firefighters, too, risking their lives battling these blazes. Now, dealing with budget cuts on top of that. Let's go to rob nelson, now,

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{"id":19307596,"title":"California, New Mexico Wildfires Force Evacuations","duration":"2:14","description":"Residents leave behind their homes as out of control fires spreads.","url":"/GMA/video/california-mexico-wildfires-force-evacuations-19307596","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}