'Cinderella' Star Carly Rae Jepsen on the Quick Lesson She Learned About Fame

"Call Me Maybe" Is as coy as she gets.
5:12 | 04/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Cinderella' Star Carly Rae Jepsen on the Quick Lesson She Learned About Fame
I'm -- -- -- and this is newsmakers from ABC news and Yahoo! News. -- -- call me maybe is one of the top sellers of all time and it didn't online more than 500 million times. So just what's next for singer -- -- Jackson as well -- -- starring role in the Broadway production of Cinderella. Is this different for you from being a recording -- could certainly have a lot of experience performing. And this is musical but it's musical -- so how how are you finding that it's different. It's completely different -- AM. I want him in the studio I kind of -- -- -- -- -- and again my creative -- and I just think about. That. -- it happened that often been collecting lately and I'm making is that really kind of from the heart and it's it's very personal moments Fannie. It's famous -- journal -- something that -- hearing kind of hard greater thing okay. Can take on the role of Cinderella but -- 11 part in the big machine -- at all and it's not just the characters on stage it's. The people. Who -- testing -- people who are making that. The pop sat happened and -- -- he says and done. It's just kind of feel part of a competitor something and that an enjoyable things and so many consider many different -- and -- any -- -- -- it's happened. Now coming maybe is very wholesome song yeah. Really appreciate and this is also very wholesome world doesn't get more -- and some. Do -- get the urge to Deutzman -- year ended June it will we will debate what kind of edgy roles that. I looked until you and is now. Sort of conscious decision -- here's wholesome thing -- in -- I think that there is. And that choose sort of romantic bad man it'll passions of action she's -- who who love -- Goldstein. Of Cinderella of kind of the fairy tale like this I just attacked me and becoming maybe it was actually more likely that -- -- -- Matt Matt about about a -- and hit and sleep on the Atlantic should I guess I mean. I. I don't entirely any desire to do anything that -- -- -- that it's okay it's attacks -- -- serious side but. And I think that kind of comes Latin music and making and -- have to latency problems. I don't have any does that suits totaling about and be something. That. And fame it can be so difficult -- -- -- a sudden celebrity with paparazzi and blogs not accept and use seem like such a grounded genuine person. How -- you manage to stay grounded in the -- this craziness that. Iraq has become. KN. I mean I think -- it's and it definitely a wild ride to be on and you kind of -- get noticed and seen it. People -- have ideas and opinions are viewed as funny actually when it first came to -- and then that acts as manager sent you know the funny thing about being famous is that Leon -- this about two dozen that went on to kind of explain something that. That he thought he knew in my action funny thing about -- Clinton thinks that they know things and we kind of like they get cheese and it together -- -- and I think that's to -- A quick. Lesson island and is at that none of that McCain -- -- -- -- Smart to Staten. Kind of and it goes along with the news that and I love the music so much that I that I take that -- with that and I. Attendance really appreciate the fact that that people are supportive and Lovelace and at the end of the challenge to for the one -- hello I. Actually taken and I -- panic feel grateful flat. But I also really -- -- -- -- go home kind of shut off from it and know that I haven't and that no means -- -- know -- And and their opinions about who I am what I do has announced. What do you do to decompress easy going -- -- the door use fog girl -- kind of hiking -- do you you know. Yoga every have a different thing -- -- any act what I usually -- His -- to be honest. When I get home and makes -- and bath -- and you can't answer England's and I do let me Isaacson spent. And it left in the days and they keep my one complaint of them let's keep up to -- islands and -- and I -- exit at Philly -- and short intervals and other -- editing product. Yeah. But now coming maybe it was. 500. -- times accused him on the eve and on it was covered by the way did it very tough cookie monster do you have a favorite. Rendition of that's on that somebody else did. I think it's hard to totally -- and there on the sunset a -- of a -- to latch opening at some people have -- the time to to cabinet room. If -- and captain Meehan -- about it happening in reality not believed. Believe -- Hard to pick but I think it. I think -- you missed it expects. -- And this is crazy thing I thought the great weren't -- at a and I can't plant and that's that's expected.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"\"Call Me Maybe\" Is as coy as she gets.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23359860","title":"'Cinderella' Star Carly Rae Jepsen on the Quick Lesson She Learned About Fame","url":"/GMA/video/cinderella-star-carly-rae-jepsen-quick-lesson-learned-23359860"}