Colorado Springs Eyewitness Discusses Shooting

Kentanya Craion describes chaos and expresses shock at what happened.
3:44 | 11/28/15

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Transcript for Colorado Springs Eyewitness Discusses Shooting
Thank you. We turn to a woman in an exam room when the shooting started and cantania, thanks for joining us. When you knew there was an active gunman. What did you do? Well, when they had mentioned -- they didn't mention it, all I heard was screaming and people saying to get down. When I looked out the window is when I had actually scene the gunman just shooting randomly. From there they told me to get in the back and find cover. I ran back, tried to open a few doors. Some of them were locked and I was able to get in where there was actually two other victims that didn't know that there was a gunman. One was actually a nurse and she was about to release the other girl to go back to the lobby because she was done with her with the services there that they were doing and she had let her -- she was going to let her go out into the lobby and when I came in, they weren't aware of anything until they heard the gun shots and me identify that there was actually gunman on site. So you go into an exam room and barricade yourself in for the next five, six hours. Yes, we -- on our particular door we didn't have a lock so what we did we ended up pushing the exam, you know, bed, pushed it up against the door and we all three sat in front of the door for about at least five hours. You said you saw the gunman through a window. Can you describe his demeanor to us? His demeanor was -- he didn't have any feelings. He was -- there was no remorse on what he was doing. When I saw him shooting the gun, it looked like he was talking to himself as he was shooting. As I mentioned earlier it looked like he was playing it calm like this is something that he does on a regular -- I don't know if he goes hunting but I mean he was comfortable with the gun but you could tell that he was unstable when he was just randomly shooting. I personally don't know if he was shooting directly at people but I did see him shoot about three to four times. You said he seemed unstable. Was he making any demands. Was anyone trying to negotiate with him at that point? You know, from where I saw him, because I was like right before or after the lobby. From what I could see was him walking in front of the actual premises of planned parenthood and from there wasn't like he was directing his gunshots at planned parenthood. But it looks like maybe there was someone outside that he was trying to aim at before he actually entered in the planned parenthood. I'm sure once the ordeal was over just an immense amount of relief on your part, correct? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, once the whole ordeal was over, it felt so surreal. At one point we were all in the room barricaded and that's when the armored truck had came through. I want to say it was either before or after the armored talk had came through. We actually heard gunshots going off in the actual planned parenthood and from there you could see the gun smoke, a bullet did go through our wall with the gun smoke, so, definitely. You survived such a harrowing ordeal. I'm sure you feel an immense amount of gratitude for being one of the lucky few to survive and Ke Tanya we want to say thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me, Paula. Thank you. Brave young woman and I can't imagine going through something like that for five hours. Bullet coming through the wall.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Kentanya Craion describes chaos and expresses shock at what happened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35460764","title":"Colorado Springs Eyewitness Discusses Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-springs-eyewitness-discusses-shooting-35460764"}