The Cost of Achieving a Stunning Hollywood Look

How much does it cost to change your looks surgically or cosmetically to have Hollywood good looks?
3:14 | 09/02/13

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Transcript for The Cost of Achieving a Stunning Hollywood Look
Here at "gma" we lead the call in telling you to accept yourself, accept your beauty. Don't rush out there to change things but just in case you wanted to, how much -- how much would you pay for what some would consider the perfect face if you were looking at a hollywood face. Take a look with linzie janis. So celebing refound for their beauty from julia roberts to j. Lo's cheekbones and natalie portman's nose and kim kardashian's over-the-top eyelashes and anne hathaway's pixie haircut. Acng to dentists and beauticians everywhere these are the features most desired by women and "the new york post" put them all together to reveal our ideal face. People want to look like celebrities. They want to resemble celebs. They do their hair, they do their eyes. Reporter: Olia wanted her smile to be more red carpet ready and went for veneers. I showed her this picture and said I'd like to have a smile like that. Reporter: Which are the ones asked for most. Julia robs. Angelina jolie. How do you feel nowy. I feel amazing. I look at magazines and I see celebrities with contoured high cheekbones and that was something that I wanted. Reporter:23-year-old nursing student sara moreno traded in her full face for high cheekbones like j. Lo. We take out a piece of fat from the cheek area which gives better definition. Reporter: But if going under is going too far, some minor treatments can offer big results. I got requests for angelina jolie's cat eyes. The kardashian lash. Reporter: Alicia's client debra wanted angelina jolie's lashes. They're understated but yet sophisticated so opted tore lash extensions. My clients come looking to achieve a glamorous look. A very sexy look but don't want to have to mess around with too much makeup. Reporter: And how much would the perfect face cost? 42,000 for julia roberts' smile, $4,000 for j. Lo's cheekbone, 10,000 for natalie portman's nose, 1500 for jennifer garner's jaw, 400 for kim kardashian's lashes and 200 for anne hathaway's haircut for a whopping total of 5$,100. Celebs set a stand drd but don't forget they have teams of experts not to mention the cast to look their best. Debra says looking like a celeb is worth every penny. I love it. You can feel glamorous. You can feel like a star. I would say that that perfect face was -- less than perfect. Yeah. Kind of scary actually. Come on. 58,000 -- you look great. They have a battery of people making them look good every day. It's not just -- you can't just buy that. I'm sorry. I'm going to go -- I'm going to have my angry moment. I just don't -- don't do that. Don't do that. Just get a pair of shoes.

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{"id":20134920,"title":"The Cost of Achieving a Stunning Hollywood Look","duration":"3:14","description":"How much does it cost to change your looks surgically or cosmetically to have Hollywood good looks?","url":"/GMA/video/cost-achieving-stunning-hollywood-20134920","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}