'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants Take on Social Media

"GMA's" social square allows the winning couple, runner-ups to answer fan questions.
4:52 | 05/21/14

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants Take on Social Media
Social media exploding with all kinds of questions for everyone here this morning, who have flown all night long to be here. Let's start out, I have a question from Facebook. This one is for Candace. Stephanie Clemens wants to know, what did you learn from the experience and what kept you going? What have I learned? I learned that I have more perseverance than I ever imagined. And what kept me going was just, I wanted to cross that finish line, no matter how tough it was. And my family was there rooting me on. And I wanted to be just a good example to my kids to do that. And they seemed so in awe, shocked sometimes. Yes. They were so right there for you. Great, great job. Thank you. It was really, really fun. I have a Twitter question. Will James Maslow be in "Magic Mike 2." I want to say, great question. That's from Dan? Aden. Haven't had the offer yet. But who knows? I would imagine that this will open doors in a way. Yeah. This show has been a wonderful platform for me. It's been the first time I think people are able to see me for how I am, at my age, versus the kids show I did for so many years. It's been fantastic. We have a special message to Amy from her parents. Let's look at that. Amy, you have been a breath of fresh air throughout this entire season. Thank you for showing the world what desire and perseverance can do for you. And we're very proud of you. Amy, we are very, very proud of you. You inspire so many people on this journey with "Dancing with the stars." And to me, sweetheart, you'll always be a winner. It was so great for all of us to see you -- see that connection queen to you and your parents. And also, to see you tap into your emotional side. What did you learn about yourself? Yeah. I know. I was quite emotional throughout the entire season. I went through so many emotions. I was thinking about that this morning. I had a lot of tears. I had tears of joy and tears of frustration and tears of pain. And I went through the whole range of all of it. And I just learned so much about myself. I learned how strong I am. And how much perseverance I have, as well. I've obviously gone through a lot with my legs in the past. But to be able to learn these dances, as quickly as we learn them. People, I don't think realize how challenging just that is, to memorize the dances in such a short amount of time. And then, to go out in front of a live audience. That's not my experience, either. You did it so well. Really. And so, for me, just the mental side of it. Being able to overcome nerves. Just -- you learn to use what you have and to push through so much. And it's so much more amazing than I ever could have imagined. Amazing to watch, as well. Indeed. Facebook is asking, all the pros. Just jump in. Maks, you will. How did you feel about having guest judges every week? Was it more stressful? You know who I'm talking about. Was it more stressful than it normally would be? I liked having different dynamics in there. There were certain people I didn't care for. No idea who you're talking about. I thought it was nice to have just a different energy in the room sometimes. It was fun. It was great having someone like Kenny Ortega, as well. Even Ricky martin. Yeah. He was great. I think pretty much everybody did an amazing job, except for somebody we don't care for. Red foo was amazing. I couldn't get past the tiger print paddle. We loved watching robin as a guest judge. She set the tone. She did. She was the first. And we loved it. We really loved having a fresh presence each week. She was amazing. We have a special message for Candace, as well. Candace, we're so proud of you. And the work ethic you had and how hard you work, I think you had fun. Even you didn't win the trophy, we're really proud of you. We love you, mom. Oh. You showed them a lot. You showed your kids a lot. Yeah. My daughter, I just -- and my boys. But, man, they were just my biggest cheerleaders. And my daughter was, like, social networking and up for me at all times. And just the reaction shots to each of our dances. You know, they were hysterical and amazing. And I love them. Can't wait to see you all

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{"id":23809232,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants Take on Social Media","duration":"4:52","description":"\"GMA's\" social square allows the winning couple, runner-ups to answer fan questions.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-contestants-social-media-23809232","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}