'Dancing With the Stars' Finalists on Show's Electric Season Finale

All your favorite dancers reunite to talk about the finale and answer fan questions.
4:15 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Finalists on Show's Electric Season Finale
by anyone ? We can't forget this. This was the moment everybody was waiting for on "Dancing with the stars" this season. Alfonso and witney doing the iconic Carlton. We loved that so much. And right here in times square with us right now. So what do you say we hear that music again. ? Just makes you want to move, doesn't it, George. Come on. ? It's not unusual to be loved by anyone ? ? it's not unusual to have fun with anyone ? ? It's not unusual to see me cry ? Oh, yeah. ? It's not unusual to have -- ? Yeah! ? It's not unusual to ? ? not what you say ? There you go. Something funny about that -- they learned it the way I learned Michael Jackson. They did me as a mirror. So they were actually doing it the opposite way. That's why I kept going wrong. I would do Michael Jackson mov moves, the wrong foot because I used the TV screen as the Mirr mirror. That's what they did. That's why I was so bad at the Carlton. That's why I sucked. I know. The audience, great job. And Stacey Lawrence, flash mob America, thank you so much for teaching everybody. Yeah! This is what I love about "Good morning America," just what you think you've seen it all. I know your wife and daughter were there in the audience. They were cheering you on. And you're expect another little one. When I was in the commercial break, we have a little surprise for you to bring out. Go ahead and give it right to Alfonso. To me? Yeah, open it up. Go ahead, just see what -- yeah, go ahead. Oh. Baby needs a new shaker. The mirror ball. Baby needs a mirror ball shaker. That's how we roll, that's how we do it. They were working so hard. A little injury check. Janele, your ribs? Sore still, it's going to take a little while. And mark, the toe we learned for the first time. I did it in the contemporary a few weeks ago. Broke it two times before, broke it again. Just pop it back in. It is like a contact sport. You work so hard. You were showing me all the braces. I have the leg brace on, the back brace on. It was funny, when I hurt my back the first time. He came around the corner, yeah, I just broke my toe. Okay, I'm a punk, it's cool. I'm going to set up. You win. I want to and you, mark, this is from one of our viewers, what is the one thing you and Sadie will miss most about each other. And say it in each other's accents. How I miss her in her accent. Well, I think I would miss about her is just how she keeps smile on my face when I'm most stressed about it. Your turn. Well, okay, I have to explain it first, mark changes from a Normal accent to a british accent really fast. So he would be like what I'm going to miss most about you, mark, is just the love that you have for everybody. Good job, good job. And Sadie, we have a very special message for you from none other than Luke Bryant. Take a look. Hey, Sadie, it's Luke. Congratulations on how far you have made it. You are amazing to watch. And I know your mama and your daddy and your family are proud. And I'm very proud of you too. Thank you. The support you all feel had to be so incredible to feel all that love coming right back at you. It was incredible. From my family, friends, all the fans. The support you have on the show, everybody can say it, just overwhelm. And you get it from your family, your big brother, max, showing up at the rehearsals and helping out, Val? Yeah. That happened. Yeah, no, it was -- it was great. I mean, I'm very proud of everybody. I'm proud of being part of this incredible show. Congratulations to Alfonso and witney. I thought they are deserving torch carriers of the "Dancing with the stars." And I feel very, you know, privileged to be part of this group. I think, you know, last night's show, like Derek said, the greatest dance show on the planet. And I'm excited for next season. I'm excited for a tour. I'm excited to keep performing with janele and these guys. It's been beautiful. We have a commitment you're going to be back next year? I have to speak to my people first. Oh, come on, Val. Got work it out. We hope to see you all back there. All the pros. We often say this. We give great credit to the celebrities. You're stepping out of your comfort zone, but the professional dancers, what you do -- Every single season. Every single season. Yep. Not to be taken lightly. Can we also just give a shoutout to Derek, how good are you on "Nashville," dude. Huge fan. Thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"All your favorite dancers reunite to talk about the finale and answer fan questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27191975","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Finalists on Show's Electric Season Finale","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-finalists-shows-electric-season-finale-27191975"}