Dashcam Video Released in Deadly Shooting of SC Teen

Zach Hammond, 19, was shot by an officer during a drug sting targeting his car's passenger.
3:44 | 10/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dashcam Video Released in Deadly Shooting of SC Teen
We begin with that deadly police shooting of an unrm aed South Carolina teenager. Officials have finally released dash cam footage of the encounter after the prosecutor decides no the to charge the officer. ABC's linsey Davis here with the story. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, George. Back when this happened over the summer the victim's pardons wanted that dash cam video released believing it would show the police officer did not have to fatally shoot their son to spare his own life. Now that video is out and you can decide for yourself if you believe it vindicates the officer. Hands up. Reporter: For the first time we're getting a look at the three-second split decision a South Carolina police officer made that took the life of 19-year-old Zach Hammond. Stop, stop, stop. Reporter: This dash cam video released Tuesday as officials announced officer mark tiller will not face state charges. Watch as tiller approaches with his gun drawn, ordering Hammond to stop and show his hands but Hammond puts his car in reverse then drive. Second after the shooting officer tiller is heard saying this -- He tried to hit me. Reporter: The July shooting happened during a drug sting targeting his female passenger. Shortly after Hammond's parents said they hoped the officer would be charged with murder. I mean, this is over a little bit of marijuana. You don't kill people over marijuana. Reporter: All along local police blamed the unarmed man saying he tried to run the officer over with his car calling it attempted murder in the police report. The circuit solicitor who made the decision not to file charges says "The video viewed at full speed standing alone is troub troublesome" but she goes on to explain the "Video shows his feet going underneath the car at the approximate time the shots were fired" adding "The car accelerated with such force that a concrete curb was damaged." Hammond had cocaine own other drugs in his system he used within three to six hours of the shooting. His parents say that's no excuse to kill their son. He murdered our child. Reporter: On Tuesday they released a statement saying we are thankful the investigation came to an end and showed officer tiller acting in self-defense. The department of justice opens its own investigation in August and that is still ongoing. Linsey, thanks. Let's talk to Dan Abrams. The prosecutor looks at that tape and decides the police officer acted this a reasonable manner. At least that he's not going to get charged here, right. Just because they're not charging him with a crime doesn't mean he didn't do anything wrong, per Se. The legal standard when it comes to something like this is what would a reasonable police officer faced with the same situation have done? Would a reasonable police officer have believed that his life was in danger? And the authorities here clearly saying we don't have enough evidence to prosecute but when you look at that tape -- Not necessarily what a good police officer. What an objective police officer would do but when you look at that tape, it sure looks like he's shooting after the car has passed him. And the family did an autopsy. They say he was shot in the back of the shoulder and in the side. That could be the grounds for a powerful civil lawsuit against the police officer and the department. Remember, civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is. Lower. Just more likely than not rather than when you're talking about filing criminal charges. And as linsey said there's still a justice department investigation. That's not going to go anywhere. Every one of these cases the authorities announce, don't worry, the feds are looking into this. We will investigate possible federal charges and incredibly rare the feds step into a case like this. I would be stunned. This is going to be resolved in the civil court at this point and, look, when you watch that tape you can understand why that's frustrating for the Dan Abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Zach Hammond, 19, was shot by an officer during a drug sting targeting his car's passenger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34788228","title":"Dashcam Video Released in Deadly Shooting of SC Teen","url":"/GMA/video/dashcam-video-released-deadly-shooting-sc-teen-34788228"}