TRY-DAY FRIDAY: Golden Beauty Treatments

ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown tries out an ultra-luxurious beauty treatment that uses real gold!
2:44 | 12/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TRY-DAY FRIDAY: Golden Beauty Treatments
What are quite there's a luxurious way to get a facial. Yes oh it's my order braces so was inspector Jacques theory talk about a line. That uses gold in the beauty products that are much Friday Friday things he's going to be show growth. From veggies to charcoal there's no shortage of ways women we'll try to stop the clock on each. But one asking care company ads and major dose of blacks to fly into by including goal in all its products. Goldman. I'm glad that I think pick that it really isn't always act in a symbol of luxury throughout history. If pot that was fed to sleep and I and snapped the ball Oracle's only sold and it stores more than a 120 worldwide. I stepped into the opening of its flagship US store for complimentary facial treatment. Her topic to all clients are golden in about fifteen different collections. All based on the ingredient honey for carat gold. Each collection is seemed to match you know exactly what you need and did all this glistening golden is an apt to meet you gorge west. There's also pressure steps not to mention. Caviar featured rod spends. Ancient times. Chinese imprecision she's broke out there to help them write this game. So the president to have your skin don't and then it both had to tell anything benefits we've developed products. And diamonds and their office in the Carolyn Palmer Pepsi was punishing television to tell contingent of much more there. Why just Wear pearls and diamonds and gold can actually happen absorbed with your skin. All this luxury doesn't come cheap prices range from 300 dollars for the pike creek did 600 dodge the helix. Just 15100 dodge for the cat here are keen all the way up to 2500. Dollars bragged. Bottle of approximately one eyes this capsule is. Amazing they're biodegradable. Of the different things certainly is so. There is there can still Evey named your wallet her at least we'll feel as good as Google. Kennedy John Grahame and ABC news he. But try to control the track or. Not so why don't might look like that one key with. I don't know he's.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown tries out an ultra-luxurious beauty treatment that uses real gold!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27712248","title":"TRY-DAY FRIDAY: Golden Beauty Treatments","url":"/GMA/video/day-friday-golden-beauty-treatments-27712248"}