Debbie Reynolds Reveals She Settled Feud With Major Star

Actress and singer discusses her relationship with Elizabeth Taylor in her new memoir.
6:15 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for Debbie Reynolds Reveals She Settled Feud With Major Star
through ♪ ♪ good morning good morning to you ♪ debbie reynolds danced her way into the hearts of america at the tender age of 19 starring with gene kelly in one of hollywood's most iconic hits "singing in the rain." ♪ We're singing singing in the rain ♪ that ship may be down but not me, I'm unsinkable. Reporter: But it was her role as the boisterous "titanic" heroine molly brown that nabbed her an oscar nomination and made her a household name in 1964. Movieland's big night. Reporter: For america's sweetheart, life seemed perfect. A big career, two beautiful kids, carrie and todd and the bright lights hid the pain of a scandalous divorce from singing sensation eddie fisher. It was the biggest headline of the time when he left her and wed her best friend, bombshell beauty elizabeth taylor. Debbie would marry two more times and manage to overcome a grand scale of financial woes by auctioning off her prized possessions, a collection 45 years in the making of hollywood memorabilia. Proving for this hollywood icon the show must always go on. For debbie reynoldss is truly unsinkable. "Unsed. We're so pleased to have debbie reynolds with us to talk about her brand-new memoir. Welcome to "good morning america." I can't standing the morning. Good morning. Even more -- we have to get up at 3:00 so went to bed at 2:00. Hi. Good morning, good morning. We love that voice. We'll all drop dead you'll see, good morning. Well, I'm delighted to be here with my new little book. I want to ask you because i know you wrote "my life." So why did you feel like you needed to come back and tell -- I had lived 20, 30 years. I thought since I lived another 20, 30 years and so shocking i can't believe it that I'm still alive. But you -- I'm still alive, right? You are alive. A little early. I know. It is early. But you know what -- I just did a movie besides that. You've written this book. I was just bragging about that. You're starring with michael douglas, matt damon in the liberace biopic called "behind the candle lab bra." "Behind the candle lab bra." Lib watch chi was so sweet, a very special guy and a friend of mine and I play his mother whom I knew in real life and she was polish so she was talking like this all the time so I was get to talk to like this and all white hair, very -- remarkable, though. 81 years old you celebrated yesterday. Yes. Do you see yourself ever slowing down because writing the book, starring in big pictures. I see myself -- I should go backwards now. Because I just -- I wake up and I look in the mirror and everything has moved someplace else and I've lost control of my body. I don't know where it's gone. I want to talk to you about some of the things you're so candid about. You little level. What do you want to know. We all know the story about elizabeth taylor and eddie fisher but the fact that you guys came back together and that you figured it out. We came back together to dance. No, elizabeth, you know, life goes on and we just decided that the boys are gone and richard burton was elizabeth's love of her life and eddie she just had for a little while and tossed him out. It was such fun. But that's a big thing to be able to move on from this because for her it may have been that but for you it was clearly -- no, no, that was an incident that happens in your life that is unhappy time and you grow up a lot. But it's just something you have to live through and I have lived through a lot of things like that once I put in my book. In the book there's some wonderful stories. A lot of stories. I love hearing about being miss burbank and your early days on the mgm lot. Brings you back and reminds you of that wonderful era in hollywood. The golden era. The golden age. It is true. Wonderful time and I just am had a lot of fun and people got together and it was -- it's entirely different. It's much tougher for the younger people. In those days they had studios and the heads of studios and took care of us and picked us up and let us wear their fancy clothes. Wonderful stories, all about that and your incredible career. Your highs and lows with great advice and will you please tell carrie we send her our best. That's sweet, my "star wars" princess. Always your princess. Yes, she is. She's a great talent. She's been a little sick but now she's great. Just writing away doing another book. That's great. She's the star of writing. Unbelievable. Unsinkable indeed, miss debbie reynolds. Life has been unsinkable. I loved seeing you. How pretty. Right back at you. Happy birthday and best of luck with this and the movie on hbo. I put it on -- it's on -- I'm that thing now, you know -- that thing, the internet. Yeah. I'm on the internet and I cannot work it because my mouse keeps running away. And I'm on that now with all my memorabilia for sale. You know, it's a special thing. Very interesting all this. All right. Debbie, we need to go and go outside to sam. Good-bye. Thank you very much.

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{"id":18862121,"title":"Debbie Reynolds Reveals She Settled Feud With Major Star","duration":"6:15","description":"Actress and singer discusses her relationship with Elizabeth Taylor in her new memoir.","url":"/GMA/video/debbie-reynolds-husbands-feud-settled-elizabeth-taylor-star-18862121","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}