Documentary gives rare look at personal life of George Michael

The new documentary, "George Michael: Freedom," is narrated, edited and co-directed by Michael, who died last Christmas at the age of 53.
2:55 | 10/17/17

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Transcript for Documentary gives rare look at personal life of George Michael
We move on to a new documentary about George Michael. Of course, he died last December and this gives an inside look at his life that includes never before seen footage and interviews with celebs including the supermodels behind that "Freedom" video and T.J. Holmes has the story. He was not in it. He had five supermodels instead. That was his way of stepping out of the limelight wanting to reclaim some of his privacy but directed this new documentary and now after his death, we're getting to see some parts of his private life that he was finally willing to share. ??? Wake me up before you go go ??? Reporter: With his unmistakable voice, George Michael pushed the boundaries of pop. ??? The way I dance with you ??? Reporter: Even as his career was riddled with reports of drug abuse and ultimately cut short by his sudden death last Christmas. But now a new picture of the troubled star is emerging. A picture George Michael himself wanted the world to see. In a new documentary called "George Michael: Freedom" narrated,ette dated and co-directed by the muse significance that premieres this Saturday on showtime. The number of people who come up to me and say, oh, you don't know how much you helped me when I lost this person. Reporter: His director partner David Austin says the George Michael we knew was not the whole cture. What is it in this film now people are going to get out and be surprised, well, I didn't know that. They'll see George in his own words never seen before, never talked about before, you'll see a side of George that nobody has seen before. Reporter: In an exclusive clip we get a look behind the scenes of George Michael's most iconic music video "Freedom." It's something we can all look back on, my girls as he called us and look at that with great memories. Reporter: Starring five of the most famous supermodels of 9 '90s. If the song comes on anywhere in the car or at a club or whatever, I do -- it transports me back to that time. ??? Do what you do ??? Reporter: Why did he want that for that video? I think the supermodels, I think the five supermodels were a pretty good alternative to just one guy in a videotape as he put it, you know. It became this iconic and game-changing video even. It did. You had the mtv thing happening at the time so it was explosive. Reporter: That video a career high but also the beginning of George Michael's exit from the limelight. He refused to promote his 1990 album "Listen without prejudice," choice that led to a highly publicized battle with his record label Sony. Would he have been promoting this movie. No. Words to the effect of I didn't promote it the first time so why am I going to pro-might it now. You still don't think he would have done it. No. George Michael: Freedom" premieres Saturday on showtime. Love it.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The new documentary, \"George Michael: Freedom,\" is narrated, edited and co-directed by Michael, who died last Christmas at the age of 53.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50532964","title":"Documentary gives rare look at personal life of George Michael","url":"/GMA/video/documentary-rare-personal-life-george-michael-50532964"}