'Downton Abbey' Cast Share Their Favorite Show Moments

The creator and cast offer a sneak peek at the upcoming season of the hit series.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for 'Downton Abbey' Cast Share Their Favorite Show Moments
I'm so happy. It's been a long wait for all of us "downton abbey" fans. But it is now nearly over. COME JANUARY 5th, WE CAN WELCOME Back our favorite drama. The creator and seven of its stars are here in our studio, with a sneak peek of the new season. He was dead 50 years before his time. There is nothing he can deal with. Leave me alone. Exactly what I was afraid of. She is living a nightmare. And we must all step back and allow her to come through it in her own time. Aren't I right, mamma? No. We can't discuss it now. This is the work of mrs. Battle? I'm going to go through the list. Laura carmichael. Julian fellows. Rob james-collier. Leslie nichol. And welcome to "good morning america." Julian, I'd like to start with you. You have said you got a lot of heat in the days after we all saw the untimely death happen. What was that like for you? It was shocking. I had letters saying I will not watch anything you have to do with again. And they didn't realize, in england, we only have three-year contracts. When people want to leave, they leave. And they can't just vanish. You can't send them up the chimney. They're still a member of the family. I'm afraid the grim reaper is the only answer. And on the show, things were looking so well for, michelle, your character and matthew. And I guess it would have been a little odd for them to suddenly start fighting or split up. Also, to never come back. He has a son. He has an estate. It wasn't believable. I'm afraid, but he had to breathe his last. That's the way it had to be. Michelle, for you, life moves forward. What's that like for your character? Can you give us a glimpse of what we'll see? Well, mary very much reverts back to the kind of cold, icy side again. Oh, no. Inevitably because she's -- because of what she's going through. And it's something that I wasn't expecting. And we all weren't expecting, really. I was expecting marital bliss. You were surprised? I know that's the way it had to be. But, yeah. She does -- she needs to move on. So, there are new suitors. Yeah. There's one or two. Or three. I love it. Yeah. She's adjusting, really. That's what the whole series is about. Mary moving on. Okay. And, laura, your character, we hear is going to come into her own in a whole, new way. You play mary's sister. Yes. But I was reading that maybe it's not quite as easy as you thought it would be, the modern world? No. Well, nothing's simple or easy. It's really in season three, she has a london life going on with her editor. So, edith gets wild in the next season? Kind of, yeah. It's fun. It's a good story for her. And a nice contrast with mary, who is grieving. Edith gets to escape downton abbey and go to london and have a different life there. She's building her own life, really, in the world of the '20s, WHICH IS DIFFERENT TO THE World before the war. And the costumes. And the clothing must be so fun. Yeah. It's great. I love the clothes. Hugh, I'd like to ask you. You seem to be warming up to the idea of liam and matthew. You were getting more progressive in terms of saving downton abbey. What happens now? Are you going to revert back? Now, robert is faced with the burden of death duties, since matthew was the co-manager, the owner of the estate. Now, there's a big debate how best to run the estate in the future. That brings me up against mary's strong-willed nature. I want to protect my heir, who is 6 years old. And allow mary to grieve in the way I think she should grieve, which is probably forever. Yeah. Whose character is sadder about this? You were sort of in love with him. Everybody, the great branson. Are we going to see the sadness lift for you? Where are you as we move forward? As we go into season four, branson is estate manager. He's got a lot of responsibility in the estate. And he's the only person who knows what mary's going through. He becomes a confidant and a friend. Julian, I'm just saying. I'm not saying. If it was the american version, you know. I want to get to you, rob. I heard you in the preinterview, you were quite fun. That you might be the wild card. A little feisty. Allen and you are dear friends off the set. I guess you hang out when you're not working? We do. A bit of a bromance going on. We love a bromance here at "good morning america." That's nice to see. And look at you two beautiful ladies. Me? Can't believe out mrs. Hughes. You're like the glue that holds it all together. I like to think so. In some respects, yes. Certainly. And how about mrs. Padmore at the end of last season? I love that. Only five minutes. I know. But more to come, I hope? I'm hoping -- the boss. Five good minutes. They are. Julian's saying, don't get too. I put in a request for making another one. But you know. We did get a tweet. Everyone wanted to know how much are you missing dan stevens? How has that been for you? Missing him so much, we're going to have a drink with him tomorrow night. I love hearing that. We all sort of in our heads, fans of "downton abbey" want to believe that. It's so lovely to meet you all in person. Downstairs, the next big romance. Tell us that. I can't. All right. I'll have to wait to find out. What a treat it's been for me and for our viewers. Thank you for getting up early for us on "good morning america." We cannot wait to see you. The new season of "downton abbey" premieres january 5th on pbs. Now, a final check of the

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The creator and cast offer a sneak peek at the upcoming season of the hit series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21160330","title":"'Downton Abbey' Cast Share Their Favorite Show Moments","url":"/GMA/video/downton-abbey-cast-share-favorite-show-moments-21160330"}