Dry January: Taking a month-long break from alcohol

Dr. Jennifer Ashton of ABC News' "Good Morning America" is giving up alcohol for the entire month of January, and we're calling it #DryJENuary!
5:37 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for Dry January: Taking a month-long break from alcohol
Hi I'm doctor Jennifer Ashton front ABC's Good Morning America. And I decided to do a dry January. I'm inviting you eyes to try it with me. Why did I decide to do it good question. I'm. I think more curiosity. From a medical and wellness stamp client and also was psychologically. You know. My baseline alcohol consumption kinda. I think meets criteria for moderate. Which as you guys now because I've defined it many times on the air is set in. Five ounce servings of wine per week. We're seven alcoholic servings a week now. My drink of choice is clear tequila which I usually drink on the rocks with the sleaze of aren't so I think it's a pretty clean drink. And in terms of you know it doesn't have a lot of excess sugar I don't throw Margarita mix in there. And I Saturday. In normal week. I probably drink. Once during the week if I go out to dinner which are usually do Monday through Friday ones. And then on the weekend is Glenn. Yet on hockey game is our you know out with friends Friday Saturday Sunday so let's say it's four nights a week. I mean. I normally have my motto is to and through so I never have more than two drinks. But four times to I'm over that moderate consumption. Threshold so. Not it was to the excessive. But I think I kind of had a gut feeling that I was teetering around or over that moderate definitions so. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was gonna do a trying month. Which for the record. Last time I did dry anything I was pregnant with my second try post. Who's now eighteen years. So it's been awhile and I think I'm from a medical standpoint these are things I'm curious and here is. If my skin looks better I'm curious. To see if I lose even a pound which is not Michael. But I'm just curious to see how literally the math kind of falls an out. And I'm sure his behavior really how it's gonna fee ill. Especially in social settings I feel like I would totally be okay. If I kind of went into a cave. Didn't go out with friends. But ones for out. You know what you see to that table and the waiter or waitress comes around. It it's it's like and how great you start looking at the treatment you. Everyone else starts ordering. And that pure pressure I feel he is really really powerful so. I have a lot of kind of and claims that I'm curious to see I would loan. Forward some people to suffer along with me so. I in trying to recruit some friends are I have one. It's gonna do me. Thank you know what they say misery loves company. And I'm gonna keep track you know how it goes how I feel and I figure I did it twice during two pregnancies. I should be able to do it again. Although granted and I had kind of a lost year motivation for doing it. But I think also it's thesis issue that that is much more in the scientific and medical kind of spotlight rate now which is when alcohol consumption and I'm can it be too much and I speak to my patients every single day we use reduce their risk for breast cancer. The easiest thing they could do would be to not drink alcohol or two tree greatly diminish the amount of alcohol that they consider them. And very few women you know are willing to do that are interested in doing that or how. So I think. It's just a little experiment I'm doing kicking off twenty team. I would love to hear your thoughts on it I would love to try it with me. And we'll see how it goes. There's a saying it medicine for several doctor heal thyself. And so I'd give this advice to women every single day but we'll see if I can take mile advice. That being said I think there a couple of you know common sense tips that I think are are just a good idea. Number one tell people you're doing dry month. Okay because if you don't tell people and you sit down at a table and you're the only one not ordering. You're gonna have that split second in your mind where you're gonna say. She. She option I just you know order something. And so you might get some social support if you can't even pounds to your friend group or was ever at the table that you're doing an experiment you're doing track on. Obviously if if it's possible for you eliminate that lion or whatever your alcohol choices from your home refrigerator. Due that. I can thank my father for doing that for me last night immigrant. And to eat out every last bottle that Wesley partially empty. And you know just think that those kind of attitude is if you guys had an ice for me I am war. And interested in hearing some tips if you act on it.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton of ABC News' \"Good Morning America\" is giving up alcohol for the entire month of January, and we're calling it #DryJENuary! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52096726","title":"Dry January: Taking a month-long break from alcohol","url":"/GMA/video/dr-jennifer-ashton-gma-dry-month-january-52096726"}