Dr. Phil's 20 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

"The 20/20 Diet" promises weight loss using 20 key foods.
5:18 | 02/04/15

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Transcript for Dr. Phil's 20 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight
It is great to welcome back Dr. Phil. Always he has so much going on. This morning is certainly no exception. He has a fascinating Dr. Phil episode of the you got to watch this. It airs later today. He'll tell us about that but also has a brand-new book out, a "New York times" best-seller called "The 20/20 diet" that promises to turn your weight loss vision into reality with 20 key foods. Wonderful to see you, as always. Good to see you again. This is not a buffet we're looking at over here. It could. We could mow that down in no time. That's the problem but you actually conducted a survey. You wanted to find out why die he is fail and have seven keys. I did. You know, I wrote about weight ten years ago because I'm a diabetic and so it's a struggle because bio chemically I don't do well with foods so my whole family has struggled with obesity my whole life. I haven't written about it ten years and waited till there were new things to talk about. We did a national survey in preparation for this book and we wanted to focus on why diets fail because, robin, come on, it's like a $60 billion a year industry and it doesn't work. So we came up with the seven reasons that diets fail and I knew I've got to come up with a strategy to deal with those things or why do it at all and we did. We identified those things like one of them is a big thing is people rebel, right? Come on. You get on a diet. You get bored. You get stagnant and lose for awhile then you hit a plateau and go, it's not working so I quit so you got to deal with those things where you plateau out. You have to deal with the boredom where people rebel. All of those things we had to deal with. If you stay within -- look, there's no magic pill. No easy way. You got to break a sweat. You can't just -- this stuff about eat what you want and lose weight, nah. You don't buy into that if right in front of the book the ftc's seven warnings for diet scams. You can't do that. But there are foods that are super clean and in combination work well and that's the 20 foods for 20 days. Not superfoods. We've ban hearing that word a lot and superfoods and all the experts say there's no truth to that but these are 20 that make a difference. They do because the foods are clean. They're clean in terms of how well your body can process them. Some of these foods, the theories are that they have thermogenic properties and burn quickly and they help the metabolism. There used to be more research on this but it is very promising as it's emerging and then there are foods that have time release effects and stick to your ribs, so to speak. Certain foods you eat and an hour later you're hungry then there are the foods that really hang with you and if you put some of these in combination, then it can be very efficient. We have 20 foods for 20 days across three phases that can really give you a healthy grip on this where you can lose weight in a healthy way but also in a very efficient way across time and the results have been amazing. You've been on this and it's working for you. It works for me and keeps my blood sugar in balance and keeps my insulin sensitized and I do very well. I start off with Greek yogurt morning with almonds and sticks to you. There's fake hunger. You think you're hungry but you are really not. There are three kind, body hunger where your body is actually telling you, I need nutrients here. And by the way, hunger is a gift. People say, oh, I hate being hungry. Hunger is a gift. You need it but there's also mind hunger and habit hunger. These are fake hunger where your mind is telling you you're hungry and you're not and habit hunger, you eat because this is when you touchily eat. Not even hungry. Those are tricks you got to learn about those. I learned a lot in Reading your book. I want to get to the episode you have today and throw to a clip. A young woman who is convinced that she is deathly ill. Her mother doesn't believe her. Others don't. Get your reaction after we see a little bit of it. Do you believe you have cancer? I don't know. I don't know. Come on. The biopsy said you didn't have cancer. Your doctor said you don't have cancer. You told people you had a hysterectomy. My heart condition is -- is worse than what you think it is of the I no he it for a fact of I live it every day. You haven't been to a doctor in a year. I feel it inside my body. So you self-diagnosed. I suppose. This happens a lot, doesn't it, Dr. Phil. It does. The fact is that this is not someone that is just out trying to get attention. This is someone that has convinced themselves to the core of their soul that they, in fact, are ill and as you well know, attitude affects your body. And if you've got a sick attitude it can really potent potentiate your illness and she's convinced herself she's dying and we have to turn it around. It's amazing. That's today. Check your local listings.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"\"The 20/20 Diet\" promises weight loss using 20 key foods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28715046","title":"Dr. Phil's 20 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight","url":"/GMA/video/dr-phils-20-foods-eat-lose-weight-28715046"}