What to eat to lose weight and prevent breast cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, nutritionist Rachel Beller shares her top diet tips to help women lose weight and maintain optimum breast health.
4:47 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for What to eat to lose weight and prevent breast cancer
I'm here with my dear friend Rachel Beller. She is so passionate about this. She has three simple commandments that she says can help you lose weight and reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Thank you. Please give it up for her. I'm telling you, this woman, she is so passionate and compassionate about helping people and you want to help prevent -- there's something that's very special about this new program. Tell us about it. It's online. It's available to anyone any time and it's the first research-based program that connects the dots between a woman's weight, weight loss and breast cancer prevention. So it's really clinically proven that this is a connection. I have ten commandments for optimal breast health. And I'm sharing three here. We'll start off with drink up. What's this about? This commandment basically has you drinking an A.M. Riser. We seize any nutritional opportunity in this program so what we're doing infusing water with ginger root, yeylon cinnamon and mint and a ton of anti-inflammatory properties. Good for breast health. In the P.M. You add fennel seeds and steep them -- With the same. The same thing. I make a big batch. Drink it all day long. Take it in your purse in a mason jar and helps you to debloat. The fennel seeds at night. Yes, great debloater. Very simple beverage. If you know this woman, she's all about fiber. She loves -- and so your second commandment is. Is thou shalt fiber it up. Girl. I don't care if it's every single segment on "Gma," I'm going to keep repeating this, this is important. Very important, people aren't getting enough of it and there's a lot of research showing that women on a high fiber diet can decrease their breast cancer risk by 16%. Really? That's a lot. A lot and it's good for weight loss. So, here we go. How do we get that in? People think they're missing the mark. Oatmeal. Four cups of spinach salad. I've done it. Only eight That's it? Only eight so on the program we have fiber boosters, you add a tablespoon of chia seeds up to 9, knife more. Add psyllium husk into your ice tea. Another five, check this out. Chickpea, another nine or have you ever tried a roasted fava bean. You just eat it like this. It's like croutons but 14 grabs of protein. Ten grams of fiber so just by adding this you're nearly at 30. You're nearly at 30. Your goal, the magic number for your day is 30, 35. For optimal breast health and weight loss. So that's how we get there easily. This is -- She's busy eating. The other commandment is thou shalt spice it up. I like this. You got to get spicy. Okay, so this is a very hot topic. Very hot topic. And you can literally transform the nutritional value of a meal with just a pinch, amazing stuff. I've got my unique combo. Power pantry blend here. We have -- I love that. We have cayenne, paprika, cumin and black pepper. Something about spice energy so the cayenne and the paprika have capsaicin which helps you potentially lose weight, also it may encourage breast cancer cell death which is really cool. Cumin, research showing it may help with weight loss. Black pepper helps you absorb some of the nutrients. Sometimes I add turmeric. Synergy weight loss. You've got to smell had. Oh, my gosh. You put that on the popcorn. Yes, this is my savory sizzle blend. It's awesome. You could put it on anything. Mm-mm. Thank you. Thank you, Gary. A little water. It's spicy. You can put it on anything. It's not hot-hot. But just that added spice in it adds that added punch. You could put it on proteins. Savory sizzle goes on anything. That is wonderful. You know what, she is very, very generous. She is going to give you -- everybody in the studio audience a one-year subscription to Rachel's power perks program. Everybody. It's great. So thank you, Rachel, for doing that. You have made a difference in so many lives. Anybody can join any time anywhere.

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{"id":50380047,"title":"What to eat to lose weight and prevent breast cancer ","duration":"4:47","description":"In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, nutritionist Rachel Beller shares her top diet tips to help women lose weight and maintain optimum breast health. ","url":"/GMA/video/eat-lose-weight-prevent-breast-cancer-50380047","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}