Snowden Out of Hong Kong, May Be Stuck in Moscow

Brian Ross discusses how authorities thought they had alleged NSA leaker "boxed in" in Hong Kong.
2:07 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Snowden Out of Hong Kong, May Be Stuck in Moscow
robin. Unclear what caused the last-minute hitch in his travel plans. He checked in twice by phone and computer for the flight this morning. At the same time, however, the u.S. Has been putting heavy pressure on russia and any other country which might be in a position to stop him. Snowden was booked on aeroflot flight 150 for the 11 1/2-hour trip to havana but as the plane pulled away from the gate and associated press reporters sent this picture of his seat empty, 17a. Snowden had hoped to fly to cuba and then on to ecuador where he had requested political asylum. American authorities thought they had snowden boxed in in hong kong, but officials there said the u.S. Arrest request from washington received late last week was flawed and they allowed him to fly out on sunday to russia. I believe this will have serious consequences for u.S./Russian relations. Reporter: Snowden's u.S. Passport was not revoked by the state department until saturday. Not in time to prevent his escape from hong kong. Now, not only has snowden apparently evaded u.S. Justice, but he is defecting with four laptops full of the country's most sensitive secrets as he described to the "guardian" newspaper. I had access to the full rosters of everyone working at the nsa the entire intelligence community and undercover assets all around the world. Reporter: On the abc news program "this week," the head of the nsa, general keith alexander told george stephanopoulos he still did not know how snowden had access to so many secrets. No, I don't. It's clearly an individual who's betrayed the trust and confidence we had in him. This is an individual who is not acting in my opinion with noble intent. Reporter: This morning snowden's lawyers in hong kong told abc news his decision to flee hong kong came at the last minute when he, quote, got spooked that hong kong would not give him assurances he would have safe passage out of the country and lawyers told gloria ri riviera that it was made by ijing officials. Many implications. Thank you. To moscow right now and kirit radia is on the phone from

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{"id":19470766,"title":"Snowden Out of Hong Kong, May Be Stuck in Moscow","duration":"2:07","description":"Brian Ross discusses how authorities thought they had alleged NSA leaker \"boxed in\" in Hong Kong.","url":"/GMA/video/edward-snowden-alleged-nsa-leaker-hong-kong-stuck-19470766","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}