Edward Snowden Flees Hong Kong

NSA Whistleblower may have had the help of Wikileaks to avoid capture by U.S. officials.
4:03 | 06/23/13

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Transcript for Edward Snowden Flees Hong Kong
Everyone, we begin with breaking news involving international intrigue and an american fugitive on the run. Edward snowden, the man who told the world about the federal government spying program is on the move as we speak this morning. Officials in hong kong say snowden who's charged with espionage by the u.S. Government will land in russia, and this group, wiki leaks claims to be helping him get away. We will speak to george stephanopoulos in a moment. But we begin with gloria in honk congress. Good morning. . Reporter: Good morning. Dan. It's been a stunning turn of events today. Edward snowden, the man wanted on charges of espionage, suddenly out of the country. Managing to board a flight from hong kong to we believe russia. It was just after 4:00 p.M. Today when honk -- we lost glory ya. Shortly after 4:00 today, the government released a statement said he left of his own accord in what must be a blow to the u.S. Government. Hong kong said the u.S. Didn't provides sufficient information, meaning there was no way to arrest him, no legal basis to restrict him from leaving hong kong. He boarded a flight to moscow, due to land in a few hours. Later, a tweet from wiki leaks, saying he is traveling with the legal advisers on the plane. And one person, snowden is traveling with a woman samed sara harrison, an aid to julian assange. And now to george stephanopoulos, because so many people are wondering what does this do to u.S.-China relations. What does that do for relations with russia? The united states would fully comply with the extradition request. One of the things we're doing is getting the to the justice department if they believe a mistake was made, or china playing games. No question, this is going to complicate the united states-china relationship. Just over a week ago, president obama met with the president, and they were trying to reset the united states relationship with china. Cyber warfare right at the top, cyber espionage right at the top, if indeed china is not cooperating, that's a big blow. And raises questions about the relationship with russia. He could be going to cuba and then to venezuela. Is there any pressure the united states can bring to bear with the russians to stop him from carrying out this itinerary? We're running it down. There's nothing the united states can do as long as he remains in the airport if he lands in transit to cuba. Apparently he's booked on a 2:00 p.M. Flight to cuba. And then reports he would go to vnz wa venezuela. If he stays, there's nothing to do. You're sitting down with the head of the nsa. People are wondering how was this man able to outmaneuver the united states not once, but twice. That's a big question. He was accessing all of this information in hawaii, and the alarm bells didn't go off in a way before he slipped out of the country into hong kong. General alexander has never given a sunday interview, couldn't happen at a more important time. Thank you very much. And as george said, a big interview this morning morning with the director of the nsa. That's later this morning, this week with george stephanopoulos. Thank you once again.

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{"id":19466493,"title":"Edward Snowden Flees Hong Kong","duration":"4:03","description":"NSA Whistleblower may have had the help of Wikileaks to avoid capture by U.S. officials.","url":"/GMA/video/edward-snowden-flees-hong-kong-19466493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}