What to know about the energy ball health trend

The trendy new portable finger foods that are taking over social media may not be as healthy as they seem.
3:00 | 12/08/17

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Transcript for What to know about the energy ball health trend
We are back now with a new health craze that has some people saying really? It's all about a food called energy balls and fans say they're a great way to get nutrition on the go. Becky Worley is taking a closer look. Hey, Becky. Good morning, Michael. It's a thing. I'm telling you. Foodies are touting the properties of healthy fats and low carbs, not in a smoothie, not in a bar, balls. ??? what's lighting up Instagram is a supposedly nutritional snack trend and can roll down a hill. The answer, #energyballs. Nut, oat, healthy fats combine to make a portable finger food. You know it's a hot trend because a bakery in Brooklyn is selling them. Seems healthier than chocolate chip cookie or a cupcake. Reporter: But how healthy are they? Nutritionist Maya feller and I get to work. Balls, this is a food trend? Balls are a food trend. This new fun way to grab and go. Get some sustenance and people are going wild for it. Reporter: Recipe one. Dried apple. Dates, nut, oat, cinnamon, I mean even a little bit of maple syrup, a tablespoon. Shape it. I think so. Do you cook it. This is no bake. Supposed to be able to eat it raw? Rest two, pumpkin pie. Oh, my gosh. That is sweet. Uh-huh. That's dessert. Reporter: These are sugar cook energy balls. What's crazy this has only four ingredients. Exactly. Cashew, dates, vanilla, salt and they're tasty. Oh, my goodness. That's fantastic. Reporter: Well these recipes have been low in added sugars, this next one -- these are -- Bad becauses. Bad balls. What makes them bad balls basically sweetened white chocolate chips and ton of honey. Maya says the calorie count is way too high for a healthy snack. You have two or three of those, that's 690 calories. Right. That's -- It's like a cinnamon Rell. It's significant. This is a dessert alternative. With my foreairports officially exhausted. It's like a pt workout. The final takeaway. I don't think it's meant to be a replacement for food but if you're having it once in a day and not every single day, why not. I ate a lot of those by the shoot and by the end of the day it was like a super dense gut bomb. It was good but they were-michael. Oh, absolutely, no doubt. And it does sound like these are really filling, Becky. Who would benefit from these balls? Well, maybe I would serve these to teenage athletes who need a ton of calories and maybe may want ground flaxseed and nut butters. My kids should probably be eating more nuts and these are a way to serve dessert that has heart healthy fats and antioxidant, otherwise, call it a dessert or a cookie dough replacement and definitely limit yourself to the occasional ball. Yep. Everything in moderation of the that's right and now we'll go to

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The trendy new portable finger foods that are taking over social media may not be as healthy as they seem. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51660069","title":"What to know about the energy ball health trend ","url":"/GMA/video/energy-ball-health-trend-51660069"}