How to Lose a Double Chin

The FDA has recently approved an injection designed to destroy fat cells.
4:05 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for How to Lose a Double Chin
Let's move on to our anti-aging series. Turn back time and this morning all about dissolving double chins. According to the American society for dermatologic surgery, nearly 70% of Americans have them but now a new nonsurgical treatment may be able to help you melt a double chin away. ABC's Mara schiavocampo has more. Reporter: The double chin, a universally dreaded and hard to fix sign of weight gain or aging. Many trying anything and everything to fight them from bizarre neck exercises. Stick your bottom teeth over your top teeth. Reporter: To products and machines in is the world's first resistance toning system. Reporter: Even turning to invasive surgery. All right. You ready to go? Reporter: But could the solution to battling this bulge be as simple as getting a shot. It is the only product that can actually melt or dissolve fat underneath the chin. Reporter: It's called kybella. A recently approved injection using deox I cloeic acid. Naturally occurring substance in the body that digests the fat we eat to destroy fat cells. We inject kybella into the area under the chin and fat cells rupture and body flushes those out of the body over the next couple of months. Reporter: Doctors say for best results patients should get two to four treatments, but note they can cost a pretty penny with one shot ranging anywhere from 1,000 to $1500. But for some it's worth the cost. It permanently kills fat cells. Reporter: Each treatment lasts about ten minutes. Clean the area then I'll numb the area and then place a template on that's going to help guide the injections and acts like a temporary tattoo. Couple quick pinches then you'll be done. Reporter: Amy says she had tried everything to get rid of her double chin. I felt it made me look older. Reporter: She had three shots during a clinical trial in 2012 and now three years later she is still thrilled with the results. I can't say enough about it. I'm so happy. All right, back with us now Dr. Whitney Bowe and expensive but impressive in terms of results but that's not the only way the neck ages. Tell us what happens. Right, so there are three main categories when it comes to aging of the neck so first you have people who primarily have that fullness and they are great candidates for kybella but you have a subset who primarily have loose or sagging and would benefit from a skin tightening procedure and you get people who develop this banding effect up and down. It's really a combination of those three things that contribute to aging of the neck. All right, so we heard about the kybella and saw what happened. When you have the loose skin, you said tighten it. There's ultrasound and radio frequency procedures that can actually tighten the skin so it's actually very similar to the shriners that we used to play with. When you apply heat to the different layers in the neck, you can actually contract and tighten that skin. Do you have to keep it up? It lasts about one to two year. That's longer than I would have thought. About about those neck band. Take a look at this. Basically we have these things call platysmal bands in our neck and muscle fibers that run from the bottom of the chin down to the collarbone. Now, as we mature, those muscle fibers become more visible because the skin itself becomes thinner and the effect can be very aging. So what you can do is I can actually sort of smooth out those bands and relax the muscles with a little bit of botox. I literally Burch the band between my fingers and apply tiny drops of botox down each one of those bands and then it relaxes for about three to four months. That's a real result there so -- all of these options are nonsurgical. All noninvasive or minimally invasive so minimal downtime. This would take five minutes in the office. Dr. Bowe, thanks for joining us. Thank you very much both of you and turning now in the "Heat

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The FDA has recently approved an injection designed to destroy fat cells.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34622321","title":"How to Lose a Double Chin","url":"/GMA/video/erase-double-chin-34622321"}