Eyewitnesses recount explosion on London train

The explosion injured more than one dozen commuters during the height of rush hour at the Parsons Green station.
2:35 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Eyewitnesses recount explosion on London train
I'm here with two people on the train this morning. Martin Adam is with me and Sally falding. You were on the carriage where the explosion took place. That's correct, yeah. It took place ten minutes behind me. I stood by the door. Glass partition behind me. Heard a loud bang and then as I looked to the right there was the flame, fireball came through the carriage. Through the whole carriage. Not the whole carriage but level to where I was but as the doors opened people then began leaving the train. I can imagine. You were not in that car but you were close by. What could you see and what could you hear? I couldn't see or hear anything. I just saw from my peripheral vision people panicking and running and screaming and shouting and knew something had taken place. The doors were just starting to open at the station. So I -- I ran like anybody else did. Did you see any injured people? Injured, I did on the platform. Obviously not on the train because we were just pulling into the station and I think most people managed to get out but clearly visible people injured on the platform as a couple of people with burns, one lady had her hair singed by the fire though she was okay. So, yes, I also saw people injured obviously from having been stampeded on on the platform because we were all running, people falling over. People falling in front of me. I stumbled also and managed to get myself up because my concern was to not be on the floor because it was a stampede behind me, as well. How long did this take? Just looking back probably minutes in terms of it happening. I think we were quite fortunate in that we were pulling into the station and when I saw people running towards me, I immediately got up. The doors were open at the most opportune time so able to evacuate. Martin, you're actual a security expert. How would you asuccess how people handled it. Generally quite well. Exited the train very, very quickly onto the platform and moved away. I went back to look in the carriage, see if there were anybody but there was nobody left in the train. Did you actually see the device or what was left of it. I saw some flames coming from I thought was a blue bag but I think it was behind that but there were no people around so I assessed that it wasn't a traumatic event. Thank goodness as far as we know right now no life-threatening injuries and both of you are okay. Thanks for sharing your story.

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{"id":49867756,"title":"Eyewitnesses recount explosion on London train","duration":"2:35","description":"The explosion injured more than one dozen commuters during the height of rush hour at the Parsons Green station.","url":"/GMA/video/eyewitness-recounts-explosion-london-train-49867756","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}