Fans Flock to 'Full House' Home, Annoy Neighbors

Mary Risley describes what it's like to live near the house made popular again thanks to "Fuller House" on Netflix.
2:25 | 04/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fans Flock to 'Full House' Home, Annoy Neighbors
everywhere -- We all know that theme song. It's "Full house"'s "Everywhere you look" and apparently everywhere you look there are fans flocking to that house thanks to the new netflix spin-off "Fuller house." Once again many neighbors saying how rude when they see all those tourists, Mary Risley lives right across the treat from the house and we are joined now by Mary. Mary, how are you doing? I'm great. How are you? Now, Mary, is it really that bad and how many people do you think you see on average every day? I think on a weekend there could be as many as 100. As many as 100 people. Now, when you have 100 people is it a tight street and clog the street? Yes, oh, sure. What problems does that present for you. What I do is I usually open the garage door and they ignore it then I say, watch out, crazy lady backing out. And they move away. So far I haven't hit anybody. But do people realize that the series was actually filmed on a set, it wasn't filmed at that house when you talk to them? No, no, I've had little kids ask me if I have seen John Stamos and have had people ask if it's a museum. Does anybody live there? Well, speaking of -- Listen to this, last week alone I met people from new Zealand, Vienna and ottawa. They come from all over the world. And one in New York actually. In New York we have somebody on our set that loved it, as well. That's a testament to how popular the show is. Were you ever a fan of the show? No, no, I've tried to watch it once recently on tnt and I just can't -- I can't. I can't watch a whole show. I think Mary -- Mary, I think you're kind of jade the because of all the traffic that's come through and disrupting your life and we understand that and we, you know, we have somebody here -- I'm glad you're still smiling. Our whole family is sorry. Were you blocking my driveway? Did you block my driveway? That was George. Well, Mary Risley, thank you. We hope it eases up for you and gets better for you. Maybe you'll like the show next time you give it a shot. It's a good show.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Mary Risley describes what it's like to live near the house made popular again thanks to \"Fuller House\" on Netflix.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38700801","title":"Fans Flock to 'Full House' Home, Annoy Neighbors","url":"/GMA/video/fans-flock-full-house-home-annoy-neighbors-38700801"}