Fast-Talker Speeds Through Lara's 'Pop News' Read

"Guinness World Records Unleashed" contestant Trisha Paytas and host Dan Cortese stop by "GMA Live."
4:42 | 11/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fast-Talker Speeds Through Lara's 'Pop News' Read
-- out we we have some world records to be sad but it's it's a unique place it's Guinness world records unleashed -- starting and only season this week and we have of course the man the senator of adult. -- quick easy and he is joined. And but one of the challengers you ready. -- -- have paid just. Itself first of all the end yes haven't arena we heard about this on the beach yeah early this morning. Out here people can try to come by and -- their academic out. Out in Times Square and we have poured -- -- you can come off the street -- attempt to break Guinness world record we have the second shot glasses when he shot glasses and for time it's made to people -- a -- to. You're exactly you have to be perfect submit the quickest now I have -- him really really don't know we're really good -- could end up fixing the bad boy I we could kick some butt here you know. That I think we got that you but we have the a twenty meter but skewed you can trying to I'm sorry what -- -- who don't use your hands don't know -- really. Really what you don't like this. Then it's going to be hard to explain to my girlfriend -- -- you know. Do you -- for that ran out there is already records yeah. That's the only problem. It's bitter -- in the grass oh yeah. Now that there actually going to be good idea for direct I've got -- -- And so. Everyone is free throws seated seated free throws and I -- until Tom obviously a lot of bizarre record we -- -- today a woman to one shot hitting the road suite one lake behind her had any idea Iowa's wondered -- things I didn't know there was a record already -- and I didn't. How -- these people learn they can do these things -- -- what we saw the difficulties there's a lot there's a high degree of difficult -- from. Sure and -- -- you know the thing is it's I always say getting a Guinness world records like the every -- Olympic gold medal -- because he you don't you're not going to be the same -- -- hundred meter dash but guess what. You can attempt something like that we had a guy that came on the second seed in the had failed the first season. And he attempted to kick himself in the head the most time to break the record for kicking yourself in the head and one minute and he didn't do it -- -- so dejected and. I'm literally went straight he hired a personal trainer. Started doing yoga and all the and we headed back to train bridge -- -- need to assault myself and I put even faster yes I am not a that is saving post record attempt interview was great he was a little blue. -- I said -- your your talent is. -- -- -- -- -- -- And so we gotta be are we attempting -- we get -- this -- -- the numbers this is seriously amazing she what did you read like Shakespeare's. -- my. Shakes her. Well that -- -- yeah. -- have a script is threaded up. There was no good start with that she's -- OK yeah. They will -- here in -- we have a timer to we have a timer and usually not any of -- world ready and he's timing OK here we go. -- working camera two and we're gonna go in three. -- -- -- Elvis -- without thinking that it had checked -- the lessons applicable we think this just an Illinois under -- are open to -- -- negative effect he's -- I think it -- to -- this -- is from my commitment tonight severe -- -- and dare -- get -- out of me -- that couldn't be publicly but imagine -- think you can -- I think the government had everything they. I have to do is look at it let's get split -- -- apathy indifference he -- -- they didn't break through -- it Lebanese think what he's got out under certain size taken. -- look at doesn't bother me at the tech a sudden -- like. Me. That -- Welcome news. As bad as what she just yet but that's exactly -- normally take. Plus it takes I took turns out we took is that you only need you only need thirty -- Mean where did tomorrow -- -- so -- he did this in 35. In 35 seconds later admitted this morning in two and a half minutes and it was a risk like it was great -- you know yeah. John -- You -- a record holder Michael. Yeah. It's and political if you need to lay down and got. Yeah I guess -- working like fingers and enlightened audio and I give her like five extra seconds there do you guys have a challenge for us in my told them to be known now. Yemenite you know there's times where you can try to -- for one of four different runner got on the -- -- now but exams I got a lot yeah.

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{"id":20803619,"title":"Fast-Talker Speeds Through Lara's 'Pop News' Read","duration":"4:42","description":"\"Guinness World Records Unleashed\" contestant Trisha Paytas and host Dan Cortese stop by \"GMA Live.\"","url":"/GMA/video/fast-talker-speeds-laras-pop-news-read-20803619","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}